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Aibu to expect Cunting Currys not to be a complete shower of bastards?

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K8Middleton Fri 06-Sep-13 11:12:18

I am so furious I can hardly speak angry

My 9 month old table top dishwasher went wrong in mid July. As it was less than a year old it was still under warranty. So I contact Currys and an engineer is booked to attend on 15 July.

Engineer couldn't fix it so took it away. Almost 3 weeks later it comes back and it doesn't work. It actually had a new fault despite having been in the workshop for weeks. About a week later another engineer comes out. Still broken, can't be fixed and is condemned. He tells me Currys will arrange a replacement. 3 weeks later NO CONTACT. I email and try to phone but am on hold for ages. Finally get through on 30th August. Item out of stock and won't be in for weeks. I can have a refund of the cost but obviously I have paid for installation etc and I would need to pay again if I went elsewhere.

On Monday I get a call about my email complaint (about a 5 day response time so that's improving). Get more patronising bollocks off the woman on the phone about item out of stock nothing they can do even though it's been weeks and the service has been abysmal. While on the phone I can see my dishwasher for sale on website. She agrees to order it and I will get a call either that day or tomorrow. No call comes but an envelope of receipts arrives on Wednesday. Try to get through on phone but stuck on hold again.

So to today. A text arrives telling me my delivery is coming today. Eventually two guys arrive with enormous box. They take away old dishwasher then wave bye. The box is the width of the kitchen floor and I can't get to the only bathroom and loo (and the baby's just shat all over the high chair but that's not their fault). I ask them where they're going - no installation's been booked.

They take pity on me and unpack it and install it. Except it's not properly installed. It's lurching towards the sink, all the tubes are twisted, there's water everywhere and the electric cable is sitting in the water. They've not turned it on, which is just as well because I suspect there's rather a large risk of electrocution and/or flooding.

There's nothing Currys can do hmm even though there is a hazard sitting in my kitchen. I am livid.

There have also been missed appointments, missed callbacks and each time I have had to wait in all day because they are whole day appointments. That's 4 days so far because they didn't tell me about the last delivery. Oh and I can't speak to a manager apparently.

Sorry it is epic but I have told you everything to avoid the dripfeed. I have remained calm and polite throughout until the last Kafkaesque phone call (another 20 minutes of my life gone) where they told me there was nothing that could be done today despite there being cables in water and I have two small children at home. I got a bit tearful then blush

I am thoroughly fed up.

soverylucky Sat 14-Sep-13 16:13:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScottishInSwitzerland Sat 14-Sep-13 16:16:02

ooh yes do a sit in in the store!

K8Middleton Sat 14-Sep-13 16:30:23

Really, all I want now is my money back and for them to pay for my losses and I will start again. If I can use my plumber and find a new supplier of suitable dishwasher that would do it for me.

I think I'm getting there slowly with my complaint man who is always polite and apologetic, but the problems are systemic and ingrained so ultimately he cannot resolve them. The only exception is that I think he can get me my money back and sort compensation - so that's what I'm going to do.

FreeWee Sat 14-Sep-13 18:16:16

Any luck sourcing a new one not from Currys K8?

K8Middleton Tue 17-Sep-13 00:14:04

I have done nothing yet other than check the back of the house isn't about to fall off and there isn't a significant chance of raw sewage being pumped out the open connector pipe or something. I did email Currys an update at the weekend.

I will call the plumber tomorrow and depending how long they think it will take to come out start thinking about sourcing a new dishwasher.

I am crazy busy with non-Currys stuff at the moment so I have had to park this for a bit for my own sanity if nothing else.

K8Middleton Tue 17-Sep-13 00:14:26

But thank you for asking smile

LeaningTowerOfGaffney Tue 17-Sep-13 01:07:56

They really haven't made it easy for you have they?! What a bunch of idiots. Hope you get it sorted soon.

DiscoBiscuits Tue 17-Sep-13 10:10:27

I need a new oven and am ordering one today.

Guess who I won't be buying one from!

OP I really feel for you, it sounds like a hell of an ordeal that Currys have put you through. I hope it's a little comfort to know that this thread has and will probably continue to ensure lots of people don't ever spend their cash with them again.

wheredidiputit Tue 17-Sep-13 11:13:24

They are crap.

I once made the mistake of working for them and they are beyond awful. They pay their staff peanuts but demand over and above working hours.

I left because of it, after a 18mths of excuses are to why I couldn't take a weeks holiday only allowed odd days off.

A few years later I temped with them again and they offered me the job paying half of what I getting temping. The manager could understand why I did want it.

I only buy from as they have a fantastic service. My freezer broke and I ordered a new one at 8.30pm and the new one was delivered the next day. I also ordered a new cooker which went wrong after 15day and they came out within 24hours and fix it.

K8Middleton Fri 15-Nov-13 17:40:54

I. have. a. new. dishwasher.


HauntedFlyingNaanBread Fri 15-Nov-13 18:29:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

K8Middleton Fri 15-Nov-13 18:37:59

Oh it's not resolved with Currys. But I have a dishwasher, it works, it's plumbed in and the damage Curry's did has been fixed.

Curry's reckon they've refunded the cost of the dishwasher but I've not seen a payment and I'm working up the energy to investigate/chase. I also need to get them to pay for the plumber and compensation for calls, my time etc etc

I bought the new one from Appliances Online. Good price and delivered on a Sunday for no extra cost. Very happy so far.

SueDoku Fri 15-Nov-13 18:56:45

So glad that at least one bit of your problems has been resolved K8 - have you taken Currys to court (please tell me that you have..?)

I have sent this thread to lots of people so that the word gets out about their appalling service - what a load of bollocks they've given you.

Now have wine and a rest... smile

K8Middleton Fri 15-Nov-13 19:02:01

I haven't yet. I'm hoping to get it resolved without that. It's taken a bit longer because I needed to wait for a payment to come in so I could afford the new dishwasher and the cost of the plumbing because compensation is all dependent on this.

Since September I have been getting an avalanche of marketing spam from Curry's. I think they must have added me to a list after I emailed them hmm

elliegoulding Fri 15-Nov-13 19:05:28

I ordered a washing machine with installation from Currys when I was 8mths pg with DS9 who has just looked over my shoulder and asked what a cunting curry is they declared it 'to tricky' to install and would have to arrange a refund of the installation fee - I installed it myself after they had left (and I am truly shit at anything practical) Motherfuckers.

VeryStressedMum Fri 15-Nov-13 19:26:57

Currys knowhow tried to change the terms of my contract when my tv broke down. They weren't going to send an engineer to my house they wanted to take it away, when my contract entitled me to a house visit. It was only when I threatened legal action for breach of contract that they sent someone round to fix the tv.

Charlesroi Fri 15-Nov-13 19:47:56

I haven't read the whole thread and I see Twitter shaming has been recommended already, but have you considered setting up a website for like-minded vixtims? has a nice ring to it and I bet the domain name would be quite cheap? have just checked and is £7 for two years

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