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to not tell my wife....

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Greavesey Fri 06-Sep-13 09:38:45

I've worked out her username on Mumsnet! [wink[

Greavesey Fri 06-Sep-13 09:39:12

or wink

QuintessentialOldDear Fri 06-Sep-13 09:39:26

Took you long?
Lots of digging?

sparkle12mar08 Fri 06-Sep-13 09:40:21

Creepy, frankly.

StanleyLambchop Fri 06-Sep-13 09:41:09

Are you my husband? If you are, then (stern face) Mr Lambchop, get back to work and stop wasting time on MN (that's for me to do!!)

Fairy1303 Fri 06-Sep-13 09:41:42


Charlottehere Fri 06-Sep-13 09:42:08

Well if it's you mr here, I don't care!

ilovesooty Fri 06-Sep-13 09:42:10

Yes, creepy.

Souredstones Fri 06-Sep-13 09:42:15

If you're my husband I will not be impressed!

GibberTheMonkey Fri 06-Sep-13 09:42:27


My dh could easily work out mine. I don't care if he reads stuff I wrote except for the stalking thing is decidedly disturbing

DuelingFanjo Fri 06-Sep-13 09:43:09

DH knows mine, I know his. Is it a problem for you to know hers? Surely she could have told you it if she wanted you to know it?

IneedAsockamnesty Fri 06-Sep-13 09:43:09

Why were you even looking?

Bowlersarm Fri 06-Sep-13 09:43:14

You can't be my DH-he knows.

ShatnersBassoon Fri 06-Sep-13 09:43:47

You need to get yourself a hobby if secretly following your wife on Mumsnet is proving to be a form of entertainment.

BrianTheMole Fri 06-Sep-13 09:44:42

Why would you bother to try and work her name out on here?

ilovesooty Fri 06-Sep-13 09:44:51

Do you open her letters, read her emails and hack her FB account as well?

gamerchick Fri 06-Sep-13 09:45:11

I wouldn't care.. mine knows my username on all my boards.

But to go deliberately looking is a bit creepy unless you're a jokey couple and you're coming clean immediately.

Greavesey Fri 06-Sep-13 09:45:20

I can see why it might be seen as creepy, but it was pure fortuitous circumstance your honour.

There wasnt an awful lot of stalking digging involved. I read one of her posts, which corresponded almost word for word with something she'd said in conversation the other day.

She hasnt written anything too horrible....

LilRedWG Fri 06-Sep-13 09:45:25

DH knows mine so I know it's not you.

Personally, I'd be wondering why my wife is keeping her user name secret from you.... Only joking (sort of).

MrsRajeshKoothrappali Fri 06-Sep-13 09:45:34

Creepy beyond belief.


TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 06-Sep-13 09:46:03

Why did you feel the need to work out her username?

TalkativeJim Fri 06-Sep-13 09:46:10

Wouldn't the time have been better spent perfecting your combover?

Thepowerof3 Fri 06-Sep-13 09:46:54

Mine has a life so you cant behim

Faverolles Fri 06-Sep-13 09:47:02

I'm sure she'll namechange for the horrible stuff wink

Alwaysneedtomowthelawn Fri 06-Sep-13 09:47:42

Oh FGS people. It is hardly stalking! If there was v private stuff she would have made a trickier username.
I would LOVE it if I figured out my DP's username if he used Mumsnet!

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