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To ask a friend or acquaintance to live in my house for (almost) free?

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CatsWearingTutus Fri 06-Sep-13 06:28:43

We have a house up for sale that we can't rent out (seriously cannot, not allowed, not an option so lets not discuss this aspect please). It's currently sitting empty and we want to ask our friends if they or someone they know and trust would like to move in just so it doesn't sit vacant. We're thinking this might appeal to a young person wanting to save money on rent or to someone who would like to rent out their own house to get some extra money coming in.

What would be reasonable in this situation? I'm thinking we would ask them to pay for their own electric. Who should pay the council tax? And what if the house sells quickly (highly unlikely but possible). We're thinking we would offer them say £500 in compensation if the house sells within 6 months of them moving in. The house is unfurnished so this would be to reimburse them for their trouble moving their own stuff in and then having to find a new place to stay quite quickly.

Or AIBU to think this offer might even appeal? The house is in a remote area which is why we don't think it will sell quickly (has been on the market 5 months with only one viewing but lets please not discuss this aspect either). But it's in an area where we have a lot of friends and acquaintances.

I have already taken advice here and elsewhere on how to sell the house, why we can't rent it out, etc so please if anyone is kind enough to answer lets stick to the housesitting aspect in this thread?

AuntySib Fri 06-Sep-13 10:01:39

Can I just say that if you do find a buyer, any occupiers will need to vacate BEFORE EXCHANGE OF CONTRACTS, so you might not have the 8-12 week window that other people have mentioned.

CatsWearingTutus Fri 06-Sep-13 18:27:36

Thanks very much to all who responded, you've given me a lot to think about. For those who asked, it isn't commutable from anywhere really, as its very rural. Nearest city is two hours drive away. And the reason we can't rent it out has to do with my relocation agreement with my new job rather than anything to do with the mortgage. Any further advice is more than welcome and thanks again.

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