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To see nothing wrong with these workplace smoking rules

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doingthesplitz Thu 05-Sep-13 11:42:40

Our HR Department has introduced some new rules re smoking breaks eg No smoking break within one hour of clocking in (we are on flexi) or for half an hour before clocking out; one morning smoke break must be taken as part of your normal coffee break; smoking breaks should not last more than five minutes and should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Most of us can see where HR are coming from. There were a few staff members who were constantly disappearing for a smoke; would clock in when they arrived in work and immediately go outside for a cigarette; stand outside smoking for twenty minutes in the evening and then come in, clock out and go home; and would take a full coffee break and then immediatly go on a smoking break.

However, some of the smokers are moaning and giving out and saying 'God, next thing we'll start getting told how many times we can go to the loo' etc.
AIBU to think they should just shut up about it. At least now they might be around occasionally to answer their own phones.

LustyBusty Fri 06-Sep-13 18:46:39

Where I work I am allowed to smoke on my lunch break only.
Bit of context... Flexi time, have to be at work 9-12, 2-4, 37.5 hours a week. Initially I was starting at 7:45, cig 8:55-9, 12-12:05, 1-1:05, butty at desk, cig at 1:55-2, 4-4:05, home at 5. I would book 45 mins a day "lunch" (non working time), but would only really be taking 30 mins. During this time one of my colleagues took 1hr5 mins to make a cuppa for 5 (I kid you not-she took my cup at 9:50, I collected it on my way past the kitchen to my 11am meeting). I got pulled up for "abusing the flexitime rules and wasting time" and was told I was not allowed to split my lunch break (eg 3x 10 min breaks for 30 min lunch). So now I arrive at work at 7:50, have a ciggie, clock in at 8. Lunch is 12:30-1 and I leave at 4 on the dot. They lose.

LustyBusty Fri 06-Sep-13 18:47:32

Sorry, started ranting there... OP, YANBU. I'd love those smoking rules!! grin

Kendodd Fri 06-Sep-13 18:51:04

I used to work somewhere that the smokers could go outside twice a day for an extra break. I asked if I (non smoker) could have an extra tea break instead and was told no because I didn't smoke. I should have asked if I took up smoking then I be able to have the break?

TigerseyeMum Fri 06-Sep-13 18:54:00

My friend took up smoking in one job because it was the only time he was allowed to go outside for a break. Almost 20 years later, he's still smoking...

Panzee Fri 06-Sep-13 18:55:06

I used to work somewhere where we all go 10 mins in the morning and 10 in the afternoon, whether we smoked or not. Everyone seemed happy with that. Most of the non smokers didn't bother but they knew they could if they wanted.

maddening Fri 06-Sep-13 18:57:09

Where I used to work you could only smoke on your breaks - don't see why any smoking should come out of work time at all!

maddening Fri 06-Sep-13 19:00:32

Ps there are other ways of getting the nicotine into your system to feed the addiction - having extra breaks to smoke is not necessary at all.

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