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to not talk to my fiancé for the whole day tomorrow?

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crazybubbasmummy Tue 03-Sep-13 00:51:04

Last week, and Saturday night I had real difficulty sleeping.
I was able to go to sleep but my 2 year old would wake then I'd find it actually impossible to get back to sleep!!

Friday night I went to sleep at 11, 11:30 ds woke then I was awake till 4am was then up at 7 with my son.

DP didn't offer any help getting up because he had been to work all week and has to get up at 6 (goes to bed at 10 sleeps through every night).

After a heated discussion about who was more tired than who, he finallu saw that I had suffered all week

So anyway tonight we go to bed, put the tele on. He was txting on his phone I was drifting off so I put the sleep on the tele for the next hour and went to sleep. He woke me up 20 mins later to tell me to turn the tele off. Claiming he couldn't reach the remote. And well basically now im wide awake. And when I said you know I wont be able to go back to sleep he said well you should of turned the tele off then.

I'm not talking to him at all tomorrow. Im not cooking his dinner or anything!


Wheresmycaffeinedrip Tue 03-Sep-13 06:48:31

Who the hell wakes someone up to turn off a tv? That's lazy and selfish why couldn't he get up himself?seriously?

And people think the op is the one in the wrong for being pissed and not wanting to talk to him?

I'd go nuts if someone saw fit to do that. What's next, getting someone up to make him a drink?

LindyHemming Tue 03-Sep-13 07:17:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

livinginwonderland Tue 03-Sep-13 07:28:46

He was childish, but you'd be equally childish to ignore him for a day.

dexter73 Tue 03-Sep-13 07:31:44

Who the hell wakes someone up to turn off a tv? That's lazy and selfish why couldn't he get up himself?seriously?
My dh woke me up once, a long time ago, to tell me that he hadn't got an ironed shirt - he never did that again!!

Lweji Tue 03-Sep-13 07:37:22

If he wakes you up again, ever, you keep waking him up to tell him you can't go back to sleep.
If he values his sleep he won't do it again.

And yes, make him share work when he's at home, or show him the door.

Hissy Tue 03-Sep-13 07:39:02

Why on earth would anyone agree to marry someone who clearly has no respect for women, or for the work that goes into childcare?

He sounds like a dinosaur.

Ledkr Tue 03-Sep-13 08:06:16

I think the op bring told she's emotionally abusive is hilarious. I think she was talking about giving him the cold shoulder for a bit which we all do or at least I do. Dh usually either ignores me too or takes the piss untill I laugh.
Not very grown up I admit but not emotionally abusive.

Trills Tue 03-Sep-13 08:15:54

You're not going to improve things by ignoring him for a day.

crazybubbasmummy Tue 03-Sep-13 08:25:16

Onesleeptillwembley- your rude don't tell me to grow up! If you haven't got anything constructive to say get off my post!
Everyone else thank you I have taken what you all say. I was frustrated so much last night. Only because he knew how difficult ive had sleep and still woke me up. Ive emailed saying why im frustrated and feel he shouldof shown me some cconsideration as it wouldn't of been difficult for him to swith it off. I wouldn't of out right blanked him just been short. He has apologised anyway so everything is ok. Other than tbe fact I feel like a bag of shit today :-( x

PoppyAmex Tue 03-Sep-13 11:13:44

Glad you sorted it OP.

It must've been really annoying and he shouldn't have done it, but to be fair I would've been fuming to wake up when DH left the TV on and went to sleep. But that's why I banned tvs from bedrooms wink

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