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To not go to Disney World when we go to Florida?

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SarahFx Mon 02-Sep-13 21:40:56

We are going to Florida for the first time next month with son who is 5. He's not a big traditional Disney fan but does like Monsters Inc, superheroes etc.

I'll make it clear this isn't my type of holiday, I prefer a beach holiday and I'm not majorly looking forward to this holiday but its been paid for by my FIL as it's his wish to send DS to Florida.

All has been paid for and we have tickets for Legoland, Seaworld & Aquatica but I just don't want to shell out the £900 for Disney tickets and was thinking we could just visit a big Disney shop and take some photos.

Those who have been, would we really be missing out?

MotherofDragons82 Thu 05-Sep-13 08:47:44

We went to Orlando and didn't do Disney. Can't bear that fucking mouse and all that mawkish shite (not that there isn't a great deal of schmaltz in Universal Studios too, but its the Disney princessy bollocks that really makes me feel ill).
Loved Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios and Wet and Wild. Also did Seaworld-not really a fab tbh- but really enjoyed Busch Gardens. Follow your instinct and shun Disney!

melika Thu 05-Sep-13 08:59:10

If you go all that way, you have got to go. I took my DS aged 6 and 10 and they loved it all. I think NASA was the most awsome. It's a great day out for all. Sea World was emotional but fantastic and my favourite.

You can buy the passes before you go and when you get there, there are always special offers from booths. I wished I'd done Busch Gardens tho.

You have got to go!

EuphemiaLennox Thu 05-Sep-13 09:13:05

There's so much more to Florida than Disney. The beaches, state parks, everglades, wildlife, Keyes etc, Florida is an amazing holiday destination without Disney.

BUT Orlando without disney is pointless.

All thatnotherbstuff in Orlando is a sideshow to Disney. They are Disney hangers on. Still some good attractions but they're only there because Disney is.

Disney Worldnis just an incredible place, that has to be seen to be believed or understood.

I'm not into Disney films or merchandise. A Disney shop is my hell, but Disney parks are another thing.

The theming, the detail, the organisation, the cleanliness, the service, you can't help but be impressed even if you don't go on a single ride.

The idea that a disney shop will replace this is laughable.

Go to Florida, do the gulf coast and miss Disney if you want, then you're doing something amazing but different.

But Orlando without Disney (if you've never been) is just cutting off your nose to spite your FIL.

Orlando is Disney. You'd never have heard of Orlando if not for Disney. The other parks are good too, but Disney is the point, and no one else does if quite like Disney.

Disneyworld in Florida does have a magic to it.

Staying on international drive and missing Disney sounds like the worst sort of Orlando holiday I can imagine. You might really hate Orlando the way you've planned it, but you could really love it, honestly. Even my DH did.

ovenbun Thu 05-Sep-13 09:14:50

how very kind of your FIL to pay for such a lovely holiday, you can probably sort the tickets a lot more resonably than doing it through a concierge, although as others have said you can just buy them on the day...I know lots of disney converts...please come back and tell us what you think...Just thinking of how fun it will be for your son should make it really exciting smile xxx

BuntyCollocks Thu 05-Sep-13 09:17:29

YABU. part of my honeymoon was Disney, parents never took me, and I loved it. It was magical. I can't wait to take our dc.

melika Thu 05-Sep-13 09:17:50

Yes we went to beaches too, its exhausting!!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 05-Sep-13 09:19:52

YABU to go to SeaWorld. Keeping cetaceans in captivity is wrong on so many levels.

CeliaFate Thu 05-Sep-13 09:19:59

You have to go. You will change your mind when you get there, it is SO well done. I didn't want to go, but went for the kids' sake. I'm a total convert now. It's brilliant.

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