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to not have considered this cheating?

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SorryAndConfused Mon 02-Sep-13 21:35:57

DH recently found out that during the first year of our relationship, I had a few encounters with another girl. We were 19, I didn't tell him at the time as I presumed he wouldn't 'mind'. In my defense, he and many of our other male friends would go on about girl on girl being 'hot' (I know that sounds lame and embarrassing, but we were teenagers).

Well, he is very cross. Bear in mind, we are 7 years on now - married with a child. He knew that I'd had these experiences before our relationship, so it's not like he's shocked by the nature of it. I have made a genuinely apology, but he says he is disappointed in me.

Not to sound extremely childish, but he did his fair share of lying in that first year too!

Yes we sound childish, but we are now married with 2 children and a lot more mature.

Was I wrong? I have apologised over and over..

mrsfuzzy Thu 05-Sep-13 13:18:54

kali yes you are quite right, i jumped the gun a little.

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