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To think men's private parts are not a turn on to look at

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Caramelbutthorn Mon 02-Sep-13 01:02:46

Hi all,

I've signed up to 'plenty of fish'. Aka 'plenty of freaks'.

I was chatting to a guy who seemed nice so we started up chat via text. Anyway out of the blue he sends me a pic of his semi erect bits. shockblush

Aibu to not be at all impressed or turned on by this? Why do guys think girls want to see that? Maybe it's just me.

pizzachickenhotforyou Mon 02-Sep-13 01:10:01

What a charmer.

Tell him it's a funny shape and get down the drs tomorrow morning incase he's got Peyronie's disease.

80sMum Mon 02-Sep-13 01:12:25

YANBU. What a prat! Just as well you found out before wasting your time getting to know him! I can't imagine what response he had been anticipating from you! Maybe he thought you would reciprocate?! But surely, no-one would?

MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavour Mon 02-Sep-13 01:15:51

Urgh that's horrible and he sounds weird, but I have to say on the right person in the right circumstances I do find men's 'bits' really attractive to look at though never terry wogans

Bogeyface Mon 02-Sep-13 01:18:20

Send him a message back

"Oh bad luck, I once got the last chicken in the shop too! Go back in the morning and you might be able to pick up something worth having smile"

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 02-Sep-13 01:18:40

There was a thread about this a while ago.

Seems that it is v.normal these days to share pictures of oneself starkers. I was unusual on the thread because no-one has ever sent me a picture of their willy.

I was like this shockgrinshockgrin I had no idea this kind of thing happened.

SupermansBigRedPants Mon 02-Sep-13 01:18:57

I love dps but if he'd sent a pic before we'd met I'd have been wtaf are you playing at?! I've heard of sites where profile pictures are genitals <boak>

PuffandStuff Mon 02-Sep-13 01:19:32

Semi? pathetic - text him back saying 'don't waste my time! I like huge, fat, throbbing cocks only!'

PuffandStuff Mon 02-Sep-13 01:21:18

no-one has ever sent me a picture of their willy.

I was on a night bus home one night when a 'gentleman' thought I'd like to see his dick!


Bogeyface Mon 02-Sep-13 01:23:54

I got a dickpic once from a "friend" who it turned out fancied me, this was his overture to romance hmm. I wouldn't mind quite so much but took it lying down so I got foot....erect dick....foot.

He was 5' 4" with very small feet and his dick was smaller than his feet, even at that perspective........

Lazysuzanne Mon 02-Sep-13 01:24:10

I think it's more that they mostly dont know how to present them in an erotic manner blush

Bogeyface Mon 02-Sep-13 01:26:00

Is there an erotic manner with which to present a penis?! Playgirl tried and failed.

Is there any instance in which a picture of a penis (in any state) illicits any reaction other than belly laughter?!

Didactylos Mon 02-Sep-13 01:28:06

suggested replies

'wow, that looks just like a dick but smaller'
'thats fascinating, Ive heard of micropenis but never seen a case'
'you know, theyve got a cream for that now'

NadiaWadia Mon 02-Sep-13 01:30:09

Yuck. Well to be honest, most of them are not exactly decorative.

garlicbargain Mon 02-Sep-13 01:36:11

He took it lying down so I got foot....erect dick....foot. grin grin

I disagree with your thread title, Caramel, but not with your OP! Men's genitals look sexy on the man (if we're lucky.) On their own they look like giblets.

I've always assumed guys do this because close-ups of vaginas are sexy to them? I find that fairly incomprehensible, tbh. Giblets & liver. Decent meat stock ingredients, not great photographic subjects.

Lazysuzanne Mon 02-Sep-13 01:37:43

Bogey I get your point about playgirl, things are not symmetrical between the genders on these matters!
Even so it is surely possible to come up with a naked photo of a bloke which isnt a complete turn off?
As opposed to the usual view looking down, or the one of his equipment with the toilet in the background confused

LeoandBoosmum Mon 02-Sep-13 01:38:34

On Albert On Michelangelo's David...maybe... grin
They're generally not pretty though, let's face it.

LeoandBoosmum Mon 02-Sep-13 01:39:56

You should text back... 'I think you're not-yet-developed teenage son got hold of your phone somehow and sent me a photo..'

BellaTheGooseIsDead Mon 02-Sep-13 01:47:48

Very strange. The genitals are the last bit of a man I'd be attracted to after wit, intelligence, charm etc

I met DH on the internet and there was no need for any of that.

Do these men think that they are the only ones to possess a cock?

Bogeyface Mon 02-Sep-13 01:57:00

On their own they look like giblets.

This grin

ElephantsAndMiasmas Mon 02-Sep-13 01:58:48

"I once got the last chicken in the shop too" AAAAAHAHAHA thanks for that bogeyface, think I just woke the neighbours.

In answer, no I don't think a picture of a penis living its own life would do much for me. Naked men can be proper gorgeous, of course. But I think to a lot of women an erect penis when you weren't thinking about sex has the same meaning as a pile of dirty dishes - something to ignore or attend to before you can get on with the day

NadiaWadia Mon 02-Sep-13 01:59:12

Carmel - did you respond when he sent it? What will you do? Just ignore and stop messaging him, or what?

Is this really considered normal these days?

K8Middleton Mon 02-Sep-13 01:59:44

How revolting. A semi too because he couldn't even make the effort hmm

Toadinthehole Mon 02-Sep-13 03:55:14

Genitals generally - women's and men's - aren't nice to look at, without a bit of context.

Mumoftwoyoungkids Mon 02-Sep-13 09:11:46

Ooh - yuck. No - not an attractive part. All hairy and dangly.

Now if it was a photo of an impressive set of abs......

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