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AIBU to expect that chivalry shouldn't be dead?!

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donotswearmummy Fri 30-Aug-13 13:57:07

I really need to have a good old rant! Yesterday I had a tyre blow out while I was on the M62 motorway. It was scary. As I had my lively 7 year old on board I didn't want to take my chances on the hard shoulder so I made it to the next exit and the first safe place I could stop was Polar Ford, Castleford. What luck! This is the dealership where I bought my car and where I take it for any work it needs because I have a Ford service plan.
I went to the service desk to ask if anyone could help me. I wasn't expecting the help would be free. I would gladly have paid for a new tyre or the time it would have taken to fit the spare.
There were several staff at the service desk but I was told no help was available as "they start knocking off at 5.30". Presumably "they" were the mechanics. The time then was 5.40pm and the Service Department was open until 6pm. I was informed that the car park would be locked at 7.30pm.
I was a woman who had a 7 year old child to care for, who had just had a frightening experience and I was stranded 20 miles from home so this response was a bit upsetting.
My parents travelled from home to collect my son and I waited for two hours for the AA to attend and change my tyre. I did try to do this myself but neither I nor my father could loosen the wheel nuts. We were struggling to do this in a Polar Ford car park but no help was forthcoming.
The only happy note is that although the Service Department "start knocking off at 5.30"; the Sales Department appears to be open until 7pm. This meant that I wasn't bored while I was waiting for the AA because I was able to talk to a few prospective customers about Polar Ford after sales service.
AIBU to expect that chivalry shouldn't be dead? Or that customer service should be better than this?
Rant over, sorry.

chrome100 Fri 30-Aug-13 16:25:19

I used to work for Greenflag and we were told that if a woman alone called in to say she'd broken down we had to make a note of it so that she could be given priority. I have to say, I did wonder why. Surely a woman is capable of waiting on her own for a few hours and even in a "bad area" the chances of anything happening to her due to her femininity would be virtually zero, in fact I'd go so far to say that a man would be equally as risk as a woman. Outdated nonsense, imho

hnl Fri 30-Aug-13 16:31:17

What's wrong with people these days?! Isn't it just about kindness and decency? When I saw a woman struggling to get a pushchair and two small children up a flight of steps recently I didn't pretend I hadn't seen her. I stopped to help. It took less than a minute. Helping in this situation would probably have taken less than 10 minutes.

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Fri 30-Aug-13 16:36:09

That must have been really scary. I dread having a tyre blow out. I think they could have been more compassionate, yes.

Sorry if this is obvious, but did you try stamping on it rather than using your hands? The first time I had to deal with a flat on my own, my next-door neighbour came out, saw me struggling, and demonstrated that if he put his weight onto the wrench with one foot and then gave it a bit of a stamp, it could be loosened even when neither of us could manage just using the strength of our arms. So long as the car is on a flat bit of road, this should be fine, though obviously do it before you jack up!

ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmmmmmmmm Fri 30-Aug-13 16:57:31

I always stop if I see a woman in trouble. Must have pushed dozens of cars off busy roads, and changed a few tyres.

Am I enabling patheticness - dunno. Meh.

Just think it could be my DP/DM/DD one day, and I'd want someone to help them.

And yes, I would expect my DS to be able to sort himself out. Funny thing, attitudes. confused

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