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to want to get a car on HP

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CocacolaMum Fri 30-Aug-13 09:46:35

a bank loan isn't an option unfortunately but I am so sick of my current 10 yr old car being unreliable. My dad is not happy (yes I am 31 but still) but I was looking into part exchanging my current shitmobile and putting the 1k they have valued it at (it wont be when they look at it) toward a newer one on HP.. repayments are going to be about £150 a month which should be manageable.

So, AIBU and should I as my Dad suggests just be a bus wanker (thanks dad) until I scrape together the dosh to buy an el cheapo car off of gumtree or similar?

Amateurish Fri 30-Aug-13 15:11:50

As an example of a cheap car lease, you can get a new Citroen C1 for £1000 initial payment, then monthly lease of £45. This is a two year deal, so total cost £2k.

Add in saving of no tax, no maintenance, no servicing, no MOT. And of course a warranty.

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