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To think if you were eating yourself to death...

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softlysoftly Thu 29-Aug-13 22:06:33

...and you couldn't get out of bed or care for yourself. Then how would you actually get the food to maintain that weight?

Surely if you were so worried about the loved one you are caring for you would stop bringing them bad / excessive food?

Yes I stupidly clicked on the a "documentary" about it.

KissMeHardy Thu 29-Aug-13 22:13:13

There is usually a Feeder involved somewhere along the line sad

SubliminalMassaging Thu 29-Aug-13 22:15:03

I always wonder this. When so someone is so obese that they cannot even leave their bed to go to the loo, never mind go out to the shops to buy a ton of food, or go to work to pay for it, who enables them? And why? confused

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 29-Aug-13 22:16:30

I'm yelling at the tv. She's enabling him by buying him the deep fried crap. Going to turn over soon as it's annoying me. envy

softlysoftly Thu 29-Aug-13 22:18:21

Yep there you go, mum started it, wife continues it.

Because they love him.......

ClaraOswald Thu 29-Aug-13 22:21:31

But who's to say they don't pour abuse on the feeder if they withhold food from them?

In some cases it is the feeder who may want to retain control, but that does mean that there must be an equal number of emotionally abusive super morbidly obese people?

monstermissy Thu 29-Aug-13 22:22:18

What programme/channel? I find these programmes fascinating.

uggmum Thu 29-Aug-13 22:24:02

Channel 5. The man who ate himself to death. Starts again on channel5 plus 1 at 11pm

softlysoftly Thu 29-Aug-13 22:24:34

Channel 5 right now

I think he does demand the food Clara.

Jellykat Thu 29-Aug-13 22:25:00

Channel 5 missy

thenightsky Thu 29-Aug-13 22:39:00


SoleSource Thu 29-Aug-13 23:45:40

This programme is very sad sad

revealall Fri 30-Aug-13 00:00:10

I was amazed at the difference between the positive attitude of the doctors and health care workers (we can help you and here's how)and the negativity of the man, his wife and family ("he makes me", "I can't" etc).

I got cross with the over eating is a "disease". er no.

How they could afford his endless take away food

Why the wife didn't walk away like partners of drug /alcohol abusers do.

Just all odd.

SoleSource Fri 30-Aug-13 01:05:10

Food was his drug of choice. His addiction is no less worse than of a persons addiction to alcohol or drugs. I think it is about time we recognise that food is as addictive as any other substance. If he was four stones dripping wet he would have been helped straight away or given a dedicated team to ensure weight gain.

Bogeyface Fri 30-Aug-13 01:11:56

I have often wondered this. I do agree that food can be an addiction (or rather eating as the type of food can often be irrelevant), but if someone is bed bound as a result, then there is no way they can continue.

I think that perhaps mummy was a feeder and the wife needs to feel needed with a side order of verbal and emotional abuse. There has to be 2 people with issues in any relationship to make this kind of thing happen, be it parent/child, DH/DW, friends etc.

Lazysuzanne Fri 30-Aug-13 01:12:16

I agree that compulsive eating is an addiction in the same way that using drugs, gambling or whatever can be, and other people will often act as enablers when someone has an addiction.

However I'm thinking that it's not usually done in such an overt way, I mean would family members go and buy alcohol for an alcoholic who's dying of liver disease and too ill to leave the house.

Or am I making a dumb analogy? confused

Bogeyface Fri 30-Aug-13 01:16:05

I think it is about time we recognise that food is as addictive as any other substance.

While I think that eating is the addiction rather than the food, I agree with you. And of course the problem with food is that it is essential to life. Booze, fags, drugs, sex, gambling, etc addictions can all be treated successfully because they are not a basic human requirement. The reason that eating is not as treatable is because it requires the addict to exert a control they just dont have. No one would expect a recovering alcoholic to have that level of self control, yet we do with eating addicts, and I wonder why.

SoleSource Fri 30-Aug-13 01:17:47

I feel that food addiction is far, far more complex than alcohol or drug addiction because we need food to survive and need it everyday. I feel the obesity epidemic will become a lot worse before it gets better as most things often do. More understanding, less ignorance.

DanicaJones Fri 30-Aug-13 01:19:10

and also why would you want to be filmed eating yourself to death?

Bogeyface Fri 30-Aug-13 01:19:53

I mean would family members go and buy alcohol for an alcoholic who's dying of liver disease and too ill to leave the house.

Sadly they do. My late MIL died as a direct result of her drinking which my FIL hated. They rowed about it, he got angry, she cried/sulked etc but he would still buy her brandy. She couldnt leave the house for the last couple of years, but was still mashed by lunchtime every day. To this day I dont know why he did it, but he blames everyone else for her death sad

In our town fairly recently there was a woman who was in court for possession of heroin that she had bought for her son as he was so abusive and horrible without it that she preferred to buy it for him than deal with him as he otherwise was.

SoleSource Fri 30-Aug-13 01:21:39

Did the media company pressure the professionals to get involved? If so that could be one answer.

Lazysuzanne Fri 30-Aug-13 01:50:40

whether or not addiction is a disease depends on your criteria for designating something a disease!

I'm not attempting to exonerate anyone here but no one can experience the strength of another persons cravings or compulsions.

Perhaps we can guard against addictions by developing good habits, practicing a bit of self denial, being self disciplined, learning to defer gratification.
But once in the grip of an addiction surely it's going to be extremely hard to cultivate those sorts of habits?

MurderOfGoths Fri 30-Aug-13 02:03:20

"No one would expect a recovering alcoholic to have that level of self control, yet we do with eating addicts, and I wonder why."

It's bizarre isn't it? Especially given the fact an alcoholic has the option of being teetotal, and most people understand you don't offer a former alcoholic gone teetotal even a small drink, when someone addicted to eating cannot possibly go teetotal on their addiction. Much harder to resist when you have to face temptation in order to live.

HungryGeorge Fri 30-Aug-13 02:21:33

I was
29 stone 6 years ago. At 5ft that was not a good look
I reached the stage where I couldn't wipe my own arse or go anywhere without needing two days to recover.. I still ordered takeaways, online shopping etc. Addiction
I think it's similar To drug or alcohol addiction in that you need to reach your own
Gutter. Difference is you can't abstain like you
Can with drugs etc and everyone dismisses you as a greedy fat cunt.

HungryGeorge Fri 30-Aug-13 02:26:16

There's not much sympathy for us fat fuckers. We're just greedy cunts to be ridiculed, pointefd and laughed at. Btw I'm 10 stone now and the difference in how people treat me is remarkable, despite me being the same person

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