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My husband is being a massive git and needs to grow up

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Brideandgloom Thu 29-Aug-13 14:09:38

Or just get our of my hair for a few days or summat.....

He is inherently lazy, I do all the DIY, house cleaning, washing etc. I work full time, I do 99% of the running around for dd.
I also do all the cooking, meal planning etc. He is lazy in every aspect of his life, he says he will do things and never does. Our fence has needed fixing for nearly two years.....
He works full time but it is a massively easy job, it pays well and it doesn't give him any stress, although he likes to play it up to other people and makes out that it is a really demanding job.

I have started a new job and had to work away for most of the last couple of months training. It has been massively stressful, I have come home every time to a shithole, dd has been fed shit and has put on quite a lot of weight. He has bitched at me about being away a few times but in reality it has been no more work for him as he has done fuck all....

We went away for the weekend, he was a twat. He does stupid things because he is so thoughtless, like putting a sandy towel in the picnic bag and ruining all the food or nicking the bath towels for him to go swimming so we all had his manky left over towels after he went swimming.

Today I am working from home and he is still being a twat. He does this thing where he makes out that I have been awful all day and then he will storm out after calling me names. He behaves like a spiteful schoolgirl mimicking me on the phone and generally making a dick of himself.
He has practically accused me of having an affair today with work colleagues.
He constantly tells me I make "everyone" walk on eggshells and i'm moody and no one likes me etc etc...

I haven't been awful, I have been sat working, the cat has irritated me a bit, dd was told she couldn't have one of those huge grab bag packets of crisps with her lunch and umm, thats about it!

So, umm aibu to think he really needs to grow up or our marriage will end up in trouble.

Fairenuff Thu 29-Aug-13 15:54:36

He sounds horrible. Why are you with him?

thebody Thu 29-Aug-13 16:13:01

what well paid but yet stress free job does he do to be home by 4?

wowfudge Thu 29-Aug-13 16:55:03

Sounds as though he is lashing out because he feels inadequate. Could well be depression. Trouble is, everyone is different and what you might consider an easy job may not be for him. He may have told you it is an easy job, but is it bravado and he actually finds it stressful? Difficult to know. Speak to him about how he talks to you as it's not on to behave like that.

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