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to be bloody pissed off that the CSA...

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fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:31:36

take child tax credits from one set of children living with the Non resident parent, to give to their other child regardless of the resident parents income.

Child Tax Credits are given to lift children out of poverty and then the CSA take them, shoving them back into poverty - even if the child they are giving this money to lives in a wealthy household.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Wed 28-Aug-13 21:35:57

But it counts as income, therefore the non-resident child is entitled to their part of it.

Otherwise, someone on a very low wage, getting high rate tax credits, wouldn't be giving their child what they're owed.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Wed 28-Aug-13 21:37:14

The child is entitled to it, regardless of their wealthy household.

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:38:56

But these child tax credits are given to literally lift the children just out from under the line of poverty - then the CSA takes it.

littlemisssarcastic Wed 28-Aug-13 21:39:19

Can you explain this? I don't understand. Do the CSA take tax credits into account as income?

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Wed 28-Aug-13 21:41:27

It's not that child's fault your children are in poverty. They are a child. The non resident parent was responsible for bringing them in to the world - they have to be responsible for them once they're in it.

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:42:02

Also, it seems illogical, if the NRP had not had another child they were now living with, the non-resident child would not be entitled to that childs tax credits as they would not exist. So the more children NRP has, the more money the RP receives for their child.

LalyRawr Wed 28-Aug-13 21:42:42

Sorry for the hijack, but I have a question.

Do the CSA take into account the earnings of the Non Resident parents partner? Or is soley on the NRP's income?

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:42:47

Yes they take a percentage of CHILD tax credits to give to another child.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Wed 28-Aug-13 21:43:02

Of course that's how it works. More money for parent = more money for that child. It's not illogical at all.

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:43:21

It is solely on the NRP's income, but they count the CTC as their income.

BrokenSunglasses Wed 28-Aug-13 21:44:04

A non resident parent needs to provide for his or her children, no matter how much money the other parent has or who they have chosen to live with.

If someone can't provide for their children without it having a serious negative effects on other children, then they shouldn't be living with, or creating, other children.

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:44:17

It's not more money for the PARENT. it's money to lift the CHILD out of poverty.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Wed 28-Aug-13 21:44:27

Tax credits are awarded to the parent, not the child.

Therefore it counts as part if their income.

Therefore the non resident child is entitled to their share of it.

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:45:21

The tax credits are awarded to the parent for the cost of their child, to lift the child out from poverty so that the parent may buy them shoes, food, nappies, etc etc.

BrokenSunglasses Wed 28-Aug-13 21:46:53

Are you talking about the NRP having a child or their own, or living with the children of their new partner and becoming a step parent?

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:46:58

The NRP INCOME should be taken into account. But since when is CTC awarded for the birth of a child the NRP's income? It's the bare minimum the government have decided the child needs in nappies, food, clothing. How is this anything to do with any other children.

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:47:11

A child of their own.

SmiteYouWithThunderbolts Wed 28-Aug-13 21:48:35

The tax credits are awarded to the parent for the cost of their child

No, that's what Child Benefit is for. Child Benefit is not included as income for CSA purposes.

Tax credits are a means tested benefit available to non-parents (albeit rarely awarded) as well as families on low incomes. It is not just 'money for the child'; it is money for the family and members of the family included non-resident children.

BrokenSunglasses Wed 28-Aug-13 21:48:53

And when they had this child of their own, did they pay a reasonable amount towards to the costs of the children they already had previously?

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Wed 28-Aug-13 21:49:45

Laly, nrp partner income not taken into account anymore, but half of the joint claim to tax credits is.

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:49:58

I am talking about CHILD TAX CREDITS not working tax credits. child tax credits are NEVER AWARDED TO NON PARENTS. Child TAX CREDITS ARE GIVEN FOR EACH CHILD.

fanjangolo Wed 28-Aug-13 21:51:40

The NRP was already paying maintenance for his existing child from his WAGE and WORKING TAX CREDITS. That is fine! It's them taking money awarded to be spent on a child in poverty that is awful. Money that wouldn't even be there if that child had not been born.

BrokenSunglasses Wed 28-Aug-13 21:51:44

Does this NRP not receive Working tax credits then, or do they earn enough that they don't qualify?

McNewPants2013 Wed 28-Aug-13 21:51:50

I don't think TC should be taken into account.

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