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To stop my children from playing with another child?

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Helentres Mon 26-Aug-13 00:39:37

The woman that lives a few doors down has a nephew (I think) that visits her on a regular basis. My son (7) used to play out at the front of my house with this child (I live in a cul de sac and he knows NOT to go out of the "circle"). However, a few weeks ago DS1 came running in the house screaming with a bloody nose. He was too upset to tell me what had happened properly so I went and asked the other children that were playing out as I didnt see myself what had happened. They told me this boy had pushed DS1s face into a parked car because he didnt want to play with DS1. I gave him the benefit of the doubt as, like I said, I hadn't seen what happened nor could I get a straight answer from DS1.

A week after this had happened DS1 again came in crying and said it was the same boys fault again. This time he'd taken DS1s scooter off him and when DS1 asked for it back, he slapped him, punched him, kicked him between the legs and pushed him over.

I went out to get DS1s scooter back and as I did the boy dropped the scooter and ran back to his house, as if he'd done something wrong.

I have now stopped DS1 from playing out so to avoid this boy and I'm not sure about going to see the boys auntie or whatever she is as I have to live near her and have only just recently moved in so I'm new to the street.

MamaTo3Boys Mon 26-Aug-13 18:33:26

Floggingmolly - it's not that I won't defend him at all. I think you may have the wrong end of the stick. It's that I wanted advice on how to deal with this as, to me, bullying is a delicate issue and you can quite easily make things worse without meaning to.

MamaTo3Boys Mon 26-Aug-13 18:36:00

Dalepie - I agree with needing to nip it in the bud now. I don't want my son to think bullying is ok whether it be verbal, physical or otherwise. And I also don't want him to think that not standing up for himself is ok either. Just not sure how to deal with this whole situation.

DSs father isn't around as we split about 18 months ago due to DV.

thebody Mon 26-Aug-13 19:21:53

op in my experience its usually not necessary to involve the parents/auntie. just approach the child and tell in strong terms he hurts your child again and he will be in big trouble.

by the sounds if it he's only young and this will work.

teach your son to hit back if he needs to not walk away as unfortunately that will set him up to be bullied at high school.

mrsjay Mon 26-Aug-13 19:32:02

I agree with thebody you can tell the boy off it is ok to , I seldom if ever went to parents doors if something happened in the street when the dds were out playing i just told them off

SlobAtHome Mon 26-Aug-13 20:16:51

Well my neighbours stopped their older son playing with my son and I completely understand. Their son is sweet and very very timid. My son is young and boisterous. My son reads this boy's timidness and I think decides to take advantage sad (as he doesn't seem to be like this with out more confident children)

I totally understand her keeping her son away from my son. I would do the same, and I am really coming down hard on DS about how he plays and that is must be gentle at all times. Until I can get this fully under control though I completely understand.

Aunties can be very defensive though.

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