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to want to give birth in the hospital of my choice?

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alice93 Sun 25-Aug-13 18:22:52

My due date is just at the end of the winter holidays. Me and my bf are both students with exams due to start on my due date (although we don't know the exact dates). We both go to uni the other side of the country to where I grew up.
I have always said I have wanted to give birth to our first baby in the same hospital where my aunt is a midwife and my mum and practically everyone I know gave birth. It's standards are also far higher than the hospital near my uni.
I shall miss my exams anyway, I can resit them, it doesn't matter. But my bf will not be able to pass his degree that year round if he needs to resit. Meaning he will have complications getting a job when he leaves as he won't have officially graduated until the following year (with me, as im the year below). He also feels like my family is too suffocating and involved (my aunt, and grandma rather than my actual parents), and especially because winter holidays are a family time. So he would like me him and the baby to have a proper family start in our own home in our uni town.
But I find the town so isolated, distant and far from everything sad I don't mind going there straight after the baby is born, and I have no problems or fears on how to raise the baby, but I just feel the hospital there isn't right. And the lead up to the birth I would like some family company, especially as its my 21st the week before my due date!!
Anyway, I'm expecting that I'll be like my mum: induced. Mum never went into labour naturally, me, her first child was 3 weeks late, induced and forceps (I clearly didn't want to come out!), and my siblings likewise. So I won't be surprised if my baby is two weeks late (even if statistics show that mums with HG - me - tend to have a premature birth).

Am I being unreasonable in wanting to stick it out at my childhood home until the baby comes?
I wish the uni would move his exams for him sad

dreamingbohemian Mon 26-Aug-13 13:24:41

I completely agree with catinabox.

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