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To think ALL aggressive dogs should be PTS

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JaffaMyCake Thu 22-Aug-13 15:16:01

This isn't a thread about a thread.

AIBU to think that dogs that repeatedly display signs of aggression towards humans and/or other dogs should be PTS?

I'm not talking about the odd growl here or there, but I mean dogs where the owners know that the dog can be aggressive.

As someone who has previously been bitten by a dog who the owners knew to be aggressive, but assured me was under control, I don't give two shiny shots whether you think you can control your dog, if it repeatedly behaves aggressively then it should be PTS, regardless of the circumstances in which the aggression occurs. (Obviously discounting being deliberately tormented or scared).

And before I get flamed, I love dogs and have one myself, but I know that if my dog was aggressive I wouldn't hesitate in having him PTS.

I know dogs are often "part of the family", but really, it would be far more sensible if people were stringent about this and no doubt it would prevent a lot of accidents/deaths!

dons flameproof suit

AliceinSlumberland Thu 22-Aug-13 15:16:58

I'd say that being aggressive to people and aggressive to other dogs are two very very different things.

FreudiansSlipper Thu 22-Aug-13 15:17:04

i think it is better than spending months and months in dog kennels

JaffaMyCake Thu 22-Aug-13 15:18:12

alice I have been myself and know of other people who have been bitten trying to break up dog fights. Aggression towards other dogs still poses a risk.

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Thu 22-Aug-13 15:22:53

I don't think it's that easy to say to be honest. It all depends on the individual dog. One dog could just be a nasty dog and yes in that case serious thought about a suitable home or whether there is any hope of a decent quality of life in a safe environment.

Other dogs may just be aggressive because of previous trauma due to abuse and neglect and may well be fully rehabilitated in time when trust has been Warner, owner has persisted with the training and the dog realises it doesn't have to compete for food and space any more.

It's not as simple as PTS

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Thu 22-Aug-13 15:23:41

Warner? Damn iPhone- earnt

bittenipples Thu 22-Aug-13 15:25:12

That's my dog dead then. Loves people, but she is terrified of other dogs. I suppose she is getting old anyway, saves me the hassle . . hmm

Feelingworried67 Thu 22-Aug-13 15:26:33

YANBU, I hate aggressive dogs, I was attacked by an ex police dog when i was about 8yo a German Shepard shockconfused scariest thing I have ever experienced and it has scarred me for life. I literally am petrified around dogs now, only just recently I would go in the same room/house as my mums puppy!

The dog which attacked me wasn't put to sleep, my mum was friends with the owner hmm but it attacked again shortly after and got PTS, if only the owner or my mum dealt with it appropriately in the first instance it wouldn't have attacked again! confusedsad

Floralnomad Thu 22-Aug-13 15:26:46

YABU ,it should be taken on a case by case basis . If you get bitten breaking up a dog fight that is your fault not the dogs ( I would do the same however to help my dog in that situation) .

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Thu 22-Aug-13 15:30:05

And aggression can be a sign of a medical issue. Any change in a dogs behaviour should be investigated thoroughly rather than reach for the blue juice. Could be a brain tumor or hormone imbalance or a hidden injury causing extreme pain.

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 22-Aug-13 15:33:06

My friend has a rescue pit bull. She saved him. He is aggressive towards people and other dogs. Scared, abused and aggressive. He was treated horribly before he came to her. She has moved to out of town, has a fenced yard, walks him at weird times to avoid other people, muzzles him regardless.

Should he be PTS because someone decided to mistreat him and he has someone to love him now, even though he will never be 'right'? As usual, it is all about the owner and whether they are managing their animal.

midori1999 Thu 22-Aug-13 15:35:11


Dog/dog aggression and dog/human aggression are two perfectly different things and its perfectly possible for a dog that displays either to live a happy and fulfilled life with any humans or dogs being put at risk.

MrsWolowitz Thu 22-Aug-13 15:39:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Thu 22-Aug-13 15:45:47

I think a large amount of the problem could be solved by the owners just giving some thought to the situation.

Instead of picking a puppy or dog cos you think it looks cute is no good. You have to research the breed find out typical traits and ensure your life style is one which can fit the dog.

It's no good picking a dog and then realising , after the poor things gone stir crazy and bitten someone , that actually it's a very active dog that can't cope with bring left on its own and being locked in a small kitchen in a small house all day and walked twice a Day.

Not saying that would solve the issue of agressive dogs but if people were more conscious of nervous breeds, or realise that they can't provide the mental and physical stimulation it needed then it wouldn't put the dog in the situation where it went nuts in the first place.

Same goes for neutering and training. It needs to be done and without it some dogs are liable to be more than someone can handle or control.

JaffaMyCake Thu 22-Aug-13 15:46:49

I am shock at flora saying it is my fault I got bitten! What did you seriously expect me to do? Stand there and watch my dog get ripped to pieces? The dog was on a lead and attacked my dog unprovoked. IMO the dog should definitely be PTS. It is ridiculous to suggest it was my fault.

MTP yes, IMO that dog should be PTS, as sad as it sounds and believe me I do sympathise, the dog is a risk to the public.

YY to mrswolowitz

Frettchen Thu 22-Aug-13 15:46:54

In an ideal world, YABU. I strongly believe that all 'aggressive' dogs can be rehabilitated. Some would need more work/time than others, but I don't think any dog is a lost cause. So no - I don't think all/any dog should be PTS for behavioural/temperamental issues.

That said; back in the real world, no one has the money to fund the work which would be required. Now, if the rescues weren't full to the brim with unwanted dogs, many of which are being PTS simply because there aren't any homes for them, then there might be some money left over to help these untrained/mistreated dogs.

The big problem is the endless breeding we humans are choosing to allow our dogs to do. We need to take responsibility for the problems we've created; over-population and undesired behaviour. The answer should not be simply killing any creature deemed unwanted, or too damaged to be rehomed.

ILetHimKeep20Quid Thu 22-Aug-13 15:55:10


We need to stop this hand wringing and pacifying the fleece with dogs on it wearing brigade and tackle this with a bit a guts.

AmazingBouncingFerret Thu 22-Aug-13 15:58:17

My dog is dog aggressive due to being attacked when she was a puppy (her photo is on my profile, do have a ganders) so you want her PTS?

ILetHimKeep20Quid Thu 22-Aug-13 15:59:07

Yeah, why risk it? It's a dog.

AmazingBouncingFerret Thu 22-Aug-13 15:59:52

Risk what?

ILetHimKeep20Quid Thu 22-Aug-13 16:00:53

Sheesh, just looked at your picture. That's chilling. You let a tot out there hand in the mouth of a dog you know is aggressive?

AmazingBouncingFerret Thu 22-Aug-13 16:01:59

She wears harness when taken on walks and has never shown aggression to any human. I control her. She dislikes other dogs and snarls, I lead her away. <shrugs>

AmazingBouncingFerret Thu 22-Aug-13 16:02:50

You seem confused iLetHim... there's a difference in dog aggression and human aggression.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 22-Aug-13 16:03:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cathpip Thu 22-Aug-13 16:03:58

My mum and dad had an aggressive dog that was pts at 3 years old after it went unprovoked for my mum, if my dogs ever went for a person unprovoked I would sadly have them pts. However a dog that is dog aggressive with the correct owners I don't see as a disaster. I have recently had my bosses dog, very dominant and aggressive with other dogs she is lead walked outside of " normal " dog walking times and if I came across another dog she was short leashed and made to sit out of the way. The amount of other walkers who shouted oh my dogs fine, its friendly with me replying well this ones not and its why she is leashed was unbelievable..... I thought it manners that if you saw a dog on a lead there is a reason so you put yours on a lead aswell, well clearly I was wrong, and half of them that did put there dog on a lead still let it strain to say hello and have a sniff, and then the owners get arsey when my dog growls, well she is the one that is still sat nicely and under control. Sorry rant over. I have also had to split a dog fight up, and yes I was bitten but because I went to grab a collar.....what worked in the end was me shouting and barging and hitting them with a lead, they soon split and the only one with damage was me.

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