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To be afraid this friend is going to ruin our holiday

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vintageclock Thu 22-Aug-13 11:16:27

A few of us are going to be forty over the coming months. None of us wants a party so we decided we go off together on a 'fab forty' holiday. At first we decided on a sun holiday but one of the group said she burns very easily and dislikes hot weather. So then a few days in New York was suggested but this same person said the flight is too long and she gets a bit claustrophobic if she's on a plane for more than a couple of hours. So then we thought about Paris but this person then said that Paris is a romantic place that she goes to with her DH and she would like to keep it 'special' angry. She then suggested Barcelona and everyone agreed for the sake of a quiet life, even though one person was there only last month and another travels there frequently for work.

Last week this person then asked if her sister could come along. We don't know her sister and it will mess up the room arrangements and therefore add to the expense. I am beginning to get worried that this 'friend' will just ruin the whole trip by constantly making demands and expecting everyone to go along with them. She's not that close to me, more a friend of a friend who became part of our group, and I've never seen this side of her before.

AIBU to be feeling very pissed off at the moment? We don't have a lot of spare cash so this holiday is important to me. I don't want to go if I'm going to spend the time gritting my teeth and just going along with things.

Deemail Thu 22-Aug-13 21:25:12

She sounds like a pain but I think I would look on the sister coming along as a godsend. Let them share a room and if they disagree with how the rest of the group wants to spend their time let them off together.

raisah Thu 22-Aug-13 21:32:47

My db & sil have just returned from Barcelona & it was 42 degrees. You might want to show your friend the weather reports & suggest going in October when it's in the late 20's tempersture wise. Nothing worse than heat, too much alcohol & bad company. Bad mix.

inkyfingers Thu 22-Aug-13 21:46:11

Bet you're thinking a fab40 party would be better after all wink.

twistedtoffee Thu 22-Aug-13 22:02:55

Definitely sort it before you commit yourself financially. Nothing more annoying than a prima donna on holiday expecting everyone to go along with her plans and creating an atmosphere if she doesn't get her own way all the time.

I think it's unacceptable that a group of people are being pressured to go somewhere they have no interest in just to please one spoilt madam. I would suggest one more place that everyone likes and if she finds an objection to this just tell her where to go (with her sister).

elQuintoConyo Thu 22-Aug-13 22:10:57

I live in Barcelona and it hasn't hit 42°.
But by all means tell the friend that it is that hot, maybe she'll fuck off somewhere else with her sister!

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