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HowlerMonkey Tue 20-Aug-13 19:26:27

Actually, I know I'm not.

I am a fair-skinned redhead with a history of sunburn (grew up in a very hot country with parents who didn't think sunblock was necessary hmm) and have got approximately 200-300 moles (dermatologist's estimate).

I recently spotted a funny-looking mole that had developed an angry red bit at one end. The red bit had grown relatively fast and so I made an appointment to get it checked by a GP. GP referred to the consultant. In between the GP appointment and consultant appointment, I started a new job after 2 years as a SAHM. The consultant appt was only a few weeks after my start date and necessitated a day off work.

I was THIS close (picture me holding my fingers a millimetre apart) to postponing the appointment because I didn't want to take a day off for something so 'minor' so early in my new career. I was worried they'd consider me a slacker.

I went along to the appointment in the end. Mole was removed and this morning I was told that it had been a melanoma in situ. That is the best kind of melanoma to have because it means it hasn't had a chance to spread beyond the skin. It was caught in time. My blood runs cold when I consider that I very very nearly delayed having it removed. I've got two small DC FGS.

PLEASE go and have your dodgy-looking moles checked. Please.

They don't want them for teaching purposes missingmum. I did ask them lots of questions at the time hmm

She called it a mole map and the purpose is so that I can do regular comparisons at home after, with the photos after. I don't work in medicine, perhaps my first post didn't explain it properly.

Too many 'after' in my previous post. Trying to type whilst getting my children breakfast, is a recipe for disaster it seems smile

olidusUrsus Wed 21-Aug-13 13:42:33

Thanks Howler, you've made me feel much better thanks well done on keeping your appointment! So glad to hear you are shot of the nasty moleys

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