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To think Educating Yorkshire is a really bad idea?

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GetStuffezd Tue 20-Aug-13 14:06:57

So, here's the trailer.
It's basically showing the workings of a Yorkshire secondary school from day to day, going into classes and following certain teachers and pupils - from what I can gather anyway.
Is it just me who thinks it's a really bad idea? For parents, I can't imagine film crews in classes, encouraging children to "perform" is a popular idea. And as a teacher I would rather die than have my lessons disrupted with all that hassle. Maybe I'm being miserable but the whole thing seems a crazy idea to me, and possibly a massive ego trip on the part of the new Head.

Plus that teacher with the beard and messy hair irritated me after about 0.6 seconds.

mrsjay Tue 20-Aug-13 16:46:07

oh was she tbh I didnt recognise her but the dds told me she was on the essex one blush

EstelleGetty Tue 20-Aug-13 16:47:14

This is strange, I just gave a lecture this morning on representations of education in British film and TV, and one of the examples I used was Educating Essex.

From watching and doing some research around that show, I really liked it. There were 65 CCTV cameras around that school, and people were only filmed right in front of a camera if they were being interviewed about something specific. The Daily Mail, unsurprisingly, hated it. But they completely got the wrong end of the stick.

I think showing bad behaviour, expulsion, etc, gives viewers a look into the challenges teachers face. The pupils were a real mixed bunch, but in the end I felt real compassion for all of them. The Mail would rather believe teenagers are just hooligans, truants, idiots. You saw a lot of very bright, kind, determined kids on that show.

StephenFrySaidSo Tue 20-Aug-13 16:51:23

another one here looking forward to more from the girl with the eyebrows grin

Sanctimummy Tue 20-Aug-13 16:53:26

I watched 'educating essex'

I thought it was great.

Every school should have a MR DREW! Loved him!

StephenFrySaidSo Tue 20-Aug-13 16:55:30

on a serious note- if the school played this right they could use it as a very good lesson on how tv exposure might not be a positive thing, how the media edit to suit their agenda and how public perception of you might be very different to what you expect. there are a lot of 'reality' shows about now and I think a lot of people don't realise when they go into it how mentally/emotionally damaging the public's reaction can be- and also the dangers of suddenly having a massive following on twitter/fb where people might not always be 'fans'. it would be great if the school were using the show in this way. not sure if they will or not. does anyone know?

Sanctimummy Tue 20-Aug-13 16:56:19

For anyone wanting to watch it [grin[

Sanctimummy Tue 20-Aug-13 16:56:53

Grin fail ..grin

manticlimactic Tue 20-Aug-13 17:01:17

DidoTheDodo I think I saw Thornhill Community Academy on one of the computers.

hazelnutlatte Tue 20-Aug-13 18:03:03

This isn't a new idea - they did this I'm my school in the 90's - not with hidden cameras though, don't think the technology was up to it yet, and it mostly just followed around lots of troublemakers! The series was called 'Cowley High.' I wonder if anyone remembers it?

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Tue 20-Aug-13 18:09:42

We were approached to do this and said no - considered it for a while, but felt it was too intrusive.

Holly94 Tue 20-Aug-13 18:34:12

They should have come to my Yorkshire school. One of my best friends had an affair with a teacher (he's now in prison for that) and there was repeated drugs/drinks incidents on the school grounds in daytime.
It was also rife with teenage pregnancy. There is a 14 year old girl in my sisters year expecting a baby next month and I'm currently 17 weeks after finding out I was pregnant the day after leaving sixth form.

Holly94 Tue 20-Aug-13 18:34:38

Oh and not to mention the time one of the school blocks got burnt down in an arson incident!

colleysmill Tue 20-Aug-13 18:42:46

Educating Essex was fabulous and another Mr Drew fan here. I thought he was marvellous.

harrietlichman Tue 20-Aug-13 18:45:15

Educating Essex was fantastic, a really interesting insight and very thoughtfully done, I thought. As a teacher, we had lots of discussions about the programme at school, and everyone loved it and could relate to it. I hope Educating Yorkshire is just as good.

soul2000 Tue 20-Aug-13 19:23:13

Holy 94 it sounds like a "OFSTED OUTSTANDING SCHOOL" .

Holly94 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:06:58

soul2000 haha! They got a pretty poor Ofsted rating on our last inspection. However we all managed to do pretty well in our A Levels and 2 people I know are off to Cambridge.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Tue 20-Aug-13 20:23:25

Educating Essex opened my DPs eyes to what I actually face on a daily basis. Not just dealing with bad behaviour, but how emotionally draining some days are, and how sometimes its impossible to simply 'leave it at work'.

GetStuffezd Tue 20-Aug-13 20:40:27

Ok, it seems Educating Essex was very popular.
I'd also like it noted that I was clearly being unreasonable but NOT ONE PERSON gave me a YABU! Hahahaaaaaaaa!!!

headlesslambrini Tue 20-Aug-13 20:44:31

when is educating Yorkshire starting?

SoulTrain Tue 20-Aug-13 20:48:02

Educating Essex was bloody brilliant! We can't wait for Educating Yorkshire!

soul2000 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:59

Holy94, you must have been HeadGirl/Teachers pet then,stil i bet everyday was memorable and different,
so much more fun than a straight faced academic all Girls School.

DollyGrey Tue 20-Aug-13 21:58:02

Holly did you go to a school in a seaside town beginning with B? Rings a bell!

threepiecesuite Tue 20-Aug-13 22:01:26

hazelnutte - I didn't watch Cowley High but would love to see it re-run now, I'm very familiar with this school!

WorraLiberty Tue 20-Aug-13 22:02:15

Loved Educating Essex, can't wait for the Yorkshire version.

LessMissAbs Tue 20-Aug-13 22:05:27

I think the main purpose of schools should be to get children through exams with good grades.

My dn seems to spend most of her time baking cakes and fundraising for the school, during school hours.

Excuse - I went to a private school...

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