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or just overly entitled? school places...

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kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 20-Aug-13 06:25:09

We moved back to the UK last week. A month or so ago, I applied for a school place for our 12 YO DD.
The day after we arrived, me and DH visited the council offices to see which school she'd been allocated to. The man in the offices told us he didn't know, but could we go to one of them and ask.
We did. The school itself didn't know since the admissions officer was on holiday, which in my opinion is ridiculous.
Yesterday, we went to county hall. A round trip of 140 miles. We found out that DD 'may' be placed by the end of September. That is a whole month after school starts.
So, AIBU to think I should know where she is going for the next five years.

BreconBeBuggered Tue 20-Aug-13 15:14:05

I've been pretty much in this position too, but moving to England from Scotland rather than from abroad. Couldn't apply for a place until we at least had an idea of what town we'd be living in, which wasn't until the July. I don't think YABU at all to expect there to be someone to talk to you about this; we got the Y8 place at the school we wanted and were even given a tour along with another new pupil a week or so before term started. We emailed the head of year alongside the head to arrange this, and got responses during the school holiday.

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Tue 20-Aug-13 15:47:35

We didn't get any of our three choices for Infant and were going through appeals and making late applications. Esp. with popular schools, I was/am very surprised that there was no one at all in the office between the last day of the Summer Term and the beginning of September.

AmberLeaf Tue 20-Aug-13 16:24:46

*I wasn't moving from abroad BTW, this was just a county-county move.

Still the same hoops though.

gazzalw Tue 20-Aug-13 17:18:36

When DS was about to start primary school (Reception) we got a phone-call mid summer hols to say that a place had become available at our first choice school. Mid August I'm sure (trying to remember back that many years!)...which would tend to suggest that there are 'bods' around in the Education Depts at the Council.

It might, however, depend upon your locality - in London and the environs there's such a lot of population coming and going that I would have thought that School Admissions have to be available all year round - and especially during July/August!

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