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To get so BORED of some conversations.

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sugarplumpfairy Tue 20-Aug-13 00:15:05

The minute someone starts saying ''Ooh, yes i took the A63 and then it was diverted and then the traffic built up about half way etc'' I just turn off. Same with diet talk. I either want a proper in depth natter or a proper laugh. Am getting crap with small talk and can't be arsed smile

flummoxedlummox Tue 20-Aug-13 01:02:23

Shadows 'Anyfucker being a fucking man I resemble that remark.' Snigger.

You have taken my comment out of context and I'll be instructing my lawyers in the morning. smile

flummoxedlummox Tue 20-Aug-13 01:03:45

Well that obviously didn't work so I'll be instructing myself to go to bed.

Sorry, flummoxedlummox, if I took your comment out of context. I'm an arsehole wink. Seriously, I think I took your comment in a completely different way than you intented it, would you forgive me if I told you that I have been working nights and am slightly bonkers with tiredness. Totally send your lawyers my way, I have loads of assets for them to get their hands on grin.

Bogeyface, 'Maybe take this as an opportunity to say "BTW, your honeymoon......." and then let rip'... don't be putting ideas in my head grin. I'll have to see them soon, and after a glass of wine or six, those words are going to come blathering out of my mouth grin.

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