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To think people are mad for paying £15 to £22 to see In the Night Garden Live

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feelingood Wed 07-Aug-13 11:40:12

I am near one and can see people comming out with allsorts of merchandise on top too.

I just think it's madness to pay that much to see a show they won't remember they've been to see.

It doesn't help when adults are having coffee 'singing' the bloody theme tune either.

soverylucky Wed 07-Aug-13 12:19:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lamazeroo Wed 07-Aug-13 12:23:04

By your logic we should just leave our children in featureless plain rooms for the first few years of their lives. What's the point of books, toys, baby groups, cuddles, massages, interactions as they won't remember any of it!

MummytoMog Wed 07-Aug-13 12:23:54

DD has been to see it four times. She definitely remembers seeing it. DS didn't get so much out of it (he's two) so we didn't take him the second time this summer. We got to see it for free one of the times we went this year, but we'd have paid £20 a ticket to go (and did the second time) because DD loved it so much.

feelingood Wed 07-Aug-13 12:28:05

now hang on i never said do nothing with them....i think i mentioned a book and some crayonsgrin

why would the room be grey thats bit extreme...wink

filee777 Wed 07-Aug-13 12:28:56

Damn it, missed seeing it this year.

BinarySolo Wed 07-Aug-13 12:37:48

I thought it was expensive, but my main objection was that kids and adults were priced the same and the only concession was for under 6 months! Fair enough it's a show aimed at kids, but I really think 6 months and under should be free. A newborn is likely to sleep through most of if and they're not likely to have their own seat.

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