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to not understand the obsession so many mums have with pushchairs?

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SamuelAndOscarsMummy Wed 07-Aug-13 10:30:25

I probably am as it doesn't actually affect my life at all but I don't get why some mothers feel the need to get 5 or more different pushchairs in the time that their baby needs one or to spend a ridiculous amount that they cannot really afford on a 'designer' pushchair?

It's not really the money side of it, I just genuinely don't understand the appeal of it? it's not like the baby cares? I have had two pushchairs in the time I have had my children, one travel system that converts to a stroller and when I had my second I got a double, as far as I knew the purpose of a pushchair is to transport your baby.

I guess the reason it has wound me up today is seeing them all on those free gifting sites on facebook and seeing people I know who already have a decent pushchair asking for another one when there might be someone who genuinely cannot afford a pushchair or theirs has broken or been stolen or something that needs one, not just because that one is prettier than the one they already have?!

Would be interested to hear what others think about this and whether I am the only one who really doesn't give a fuck what my pushchair looks like or what brand it is as long as my kids are safe and comfortable..

RicePuddingwithApricotJam Thu 22-Aug-13 19:22:37

Rooner - wondering if I can pick your brains - my previous mostly unactualised pram obsession (that is I am filled with lust for prams and accessories but manage to restrain myself from purchasing) has also turned to cargo bikes. I am in the process of buying a second hand christiania trike for the kindergarten run. Of course my 14mth old sleeps at exactly the time I will taking and collecting his big bro and I can't decide what to do about seats. Think he is too big for the maxi cosi option so considering the box bike toddler seat but with this option I know I will be reluctant to wake him to deliver his brother inside. Any ideas? I saw an online image (which I cannot find again) of a seat in a frame which looked like it could be taken out if the box and used as a crude pram - ever seen such a thing? Any suggestions most welcome.

mrstigs Thu 08-Aug-13 19:01:58

I've not had a pram since dd2 was 6 months, and never really used it before then. Didn't get a bad price for it but still lost a fair amount.
Now have a few slings, much more practical and I'll hardly lose any money at all when I sell them on. Much better for me.
I found prams awkward and a pita to get around with, so having a few dozen around the house has no appeal to me, but humans often like to acquire and collect 'things' and for some thats prams. As long as they can afford them then there is no harm done done really.

MiaowTheCat Thu 08-Aug-13 18:42:06

Sometimes different things fit your needs better at different times in a baby growing up as well... from the travel system you can clip a carseat or carrycot on, to the point where the travel system annoys you and you go buy a Maclaren or whatever. Even more so with doubles when you have things like that really irritating phase with Phil and Teds where the baby's too big for the cocoon part and too small for the bottom seat and similar, or when one's starting to walk and you just need a tired legs/toddler restraint option. Or a single robust enough to deal with a buggy board - but that's not an option for everyone (my knackered shoulder I don't think would cope with how I'd need to stand to push a buggy with one on).

Abra1d Thu 08-Aug-13 17:45:37

I had to go out to walk the dogs and also because I am old-fashioned and believe that babies need lots of fresh air. So we did have a fair bit of wear and tear on the various prams passing through the premises.

Damnautocorrect Thu 08-Aug-13 09:23:08

I don't understand it but ds was out his pram by 9 months and I barely went out in those 9 months maybe I would have if I had a posh pram

LegoAcupuncture Thu 08-Aug-13 09:05:24

I am an ex pam Hun and definitely not vacuous.

My pram obsession started with DS3, with ds1+2 I was fine, just had the three prams between them.

With ds3 though, buying and selling prams became a subject in which I could lose all reality of my life and just focus on one thing that actually made me happy. It was a very stressful time, death, disability, redundancy and it was either prams or PND. Prams won.

During the first two years of his life, I must have gone through 40+ prams. I never had more than two prams in the house at one time, and would sell one before I bought another. I was never out of pocket.

So sometimes it isn't about the fashion statement or the keeping up with the Joneses, for me it was keeping my sanity.

Bumblequeen Thu 08-Aug-13 08:44:53

I do not understand it either.

I bought a black and white pram for dc1 five years ago and if in good condition currently in the shed I will use it for dc2.

I will however buy a new pushchair.

It is not the most super stylish of prams but sturdy and fits its purpose.

I know of people who have children 1-2 years apart and bought brand new prams for each one.

madmomma Thu 08-Aug-13 08:26:52

YANBU it's fucking pathetic, and immediately marks out exactly the sort of person I wish to avoid.

Pascha Thu 08-Aug-13 07:51:06

I've had 4 pushchairs for 4 different stages so far. I can see at least one more being useful before w outgrow them. I have 3 slings too. <shrug>

So what? It's my money and it pleases me. If it was my husband and his minor obsession with racing Minis no-one would bat an eye would they?

I think the killjoys on this thread are the snobs. Why shouldn't anyone have anything they damn well want whenever they damn well please and spend whatever they damn well can?

Maggietess Wed 07-Aug-13 22:48:44

In my quest to find the perfect place buggy I've had three... First one too bulky, second one no where to out nay shopping and two large pieces in boot, third one I really like, perhaps just still a bit bulky folded.

I've borrowed a double and a travel maclaren.

BUT key bit is I've bought them all on ebay and sold them all on ebay and gumtree. I've looked into second hand values before ive paid out. And at the end I will have spent net c£450 ie the price of my first one.

So it's win win fine for me. Fine if you're not bothered but don't assume we've all more money than sense, I've thought it all through and it works for me.

(Ps I don't do handbags and shoes as a thing so saving a few bob there wink)

OctopusWrangler Wed 07-Aug-13 21:17:11

Slings! Had a moby, a cunning thing for a poorly Klingon, had a manduca, had an oki kai before the washer broke and I have a firespiral on the way. Yeah. I have ishooooooosgrin

Abra1d Wed 07-Aug-13 19:33:13

I did actually have three at one stage, two of which were secondhand.

Proper (secondhand) pram. Much more comfortable than anything else for a small baby to sleep in and useful for wheeling into the garden so they could sleep in the fresh air.

Single (£40) Maclaren for walks when the baby was in a sling or when the toddler wanted to walk or scoot.

Double (secondhand) Maclaren for when both wanted to sit--long walks or shopping trips.

Both Maclarens, including the double, were small enough to fit in the boot of my Corsa. I could manage to fold them up myself on the bus.

Loupee Wed 07-Aug-13 19:28:22

I spent over £600 on my buggy over a year a go. It cost more than our car at the time, however the car was traded in before we had it year, the buggy is still as good as new, having been used every day.
Sure it is just a receptacle for getting baby from A to B and the end of the day, but why should I be judged for paying extra to increase comfort for my self and baby. My buggy is a dream to push, I love it and I'm proud of it, because I made the right decision at the right time.
I would never dream of spending hundreds of pounds on a handbag, but I know others do, and to be honest I don't care. I don't even understand why this is a conversation anyone cares enough about to have?!

Xihha Wed 07-Aug-13 19:16:19

I've had 6, but for 2 children.
For DS i had
1 super comfortable one where ds could face me which was a little bit like a tank but i loved
a double pushchair as mum had a baby the same age and we used to babysit for each other a lot.
1 lightweight easy to fold up one when he was bigger so i could get on the bus/train easier.

I gave DSs away as I didn't have anywhere to sore them and wasn't planning anymore kids at the time

DD had a pram we were given, which DHs friend now has.
A lightweight buggy, which broke when we were on holiday, DS, then 6, had sprained his ankle on a cliff path 3 miles from the nearest road so we'd had to put him in it as he was too heavy to carry and it never pushed properly after that.
A second lightweight buggy to replace the one we broke, which sadly also broke but DD was big enough to walk by then.

My friend is permanently looking for new pushchairs though, she's had 7 in the past year, weirdest bit is she drives practically everywhere and puts the kid in a trolley when she's shopping so hardly even uses a pushchair anyway!

spotscotch Wed 07-Aug-13 18:53:42

Eek sorry that was supposed to be a smile Indith!

God I am obviously so used to being sceptical!

DuelingFanjo Wed 07-Aug-13 18:52:36

I did research on pushchairs and then bought one that did the job. Just one. I think most people do that, don't they?

I also have one woven wrap. I would love to have the money to buy some of the beautiful wraps out there, just for the fun of it, but I have one.

I have been on a bus once with my push-chair, the whole idea fills me with dread.

spotscotch Wed 07-Aug-13 18:52:35

So you know that you had a graco and a petite star then, Indith!


Indith Wed 07-Aug-13 18:42:39

"Such as the poster on here a few weeks ago who claimed that she cared so little about pushchair status that she didn't even know what make hers was. Bollocks!"

My last pushchair cost me £20 second hand. It said Graco on it so I know it was a Graco but that's it. Current one was given to me by a friend when my £20 bit the dust. It says petite star on it or something which is the only reason I have any kind of clue what it is. I am honestly not bothered about the things.

Talk to me about slings however, I know exactly what my slings are grin.

We all have our loves and obsessions. For some they are small, for others big. Some love books, others posh shoes. Some have a cupboard full of lovely teas. Some focus their energy onto child related things when they are small and buy pushchairs or pretty nappies or slings.

I wish I had the money to go mad over slings but even I have done a bit of swapping and selling over the years and have owned around 8 different ones which is nothing compared to other stashes!

Bunbaker Wed 07-Aug-13 18:41:09

TBH I wasn't even aware there was "pushchair status". Is this a recent thing?

MrsFlorrick Wed 07-Aug-13 18:39:41

Well you have all got me thinking about strollers again and I am now eyeing up the Bugaboo Buffalo and the Micralite Twofold.

I don't need either for a two year old and a four year old but it would really like both. Settle for one though wink

I honestly don't know why some of you are being all sniffy and saying its distasteful. It's no different to have tons of clothes or Mulberry handbags or Jimmy Choos. Besides a decent stroller is the same price as one measely mulberry handbag these days.

So feel free to judge my stroller obsession and while you're at it why don't you have a quick judgepants at my collection of 26 mulberry handbags.

I earned the money to pay for the handbags (when i worked pre DC) and ditto for the strollers.

On the other hand I almost never eat out and hardly ever drink (maybe two glasses a week mostly less). I don't smoke and I don't buy designer clothes. Or do expensive weekends away. And DH and I share one car (to DHs distaste but we don't need two).

If you all spend thousands every year on designer jeans how is that different?

Bunbaker Wed 07-Aug-13 18:39:07

I don't get it either. I had a second hand pram donated from my sister, and when DD was 7 months I got a MacLaren pushchair because it had the longest handles as OH and I are tall. Job done.

spotscotch Wed 07-Aug-13 18:35:43

I do agree that some people seem to have almost an addiction to pushchairs. I know someone who must have bought 6 or 7 since her dd was born 2 years ago.

However, at the other end of the scale you get people who claim to be ooh soo laid back about pushchairs. Such as the poster on here a few weeks ago who claimed that she cared so little about pushchair status that she didn't even know what make hers was. Bollocks!

The comment about spending 600 quid on a pushchair when others can't afford it and we are in a recession is, obviously, ridiculous. hmm

TokenGirl1 Wed 07-Aug-13 18:30:39

I've been obsessed with pushchair since I was a little girl. We had a second hand pram and buggy for dc1. We also bought a Quinny Zapp to transport the car seat on as the pram was so old it didn't come with car seat attachments. The Quinny was therefore useful if she was asleep in her car seat and we didn't wantvto disturb her.
Then dc2 came along before dc 1 was walking or even out of the infant carrier so we bought a double that fitted 2 infant carriers and came with a carry cot and seats for toddlers. We also bought a double buggy for use when we visited the grandparents or went away on hols as the big double would not fit in the boot with all the luggage.
We've recently bought a single 3 wheeler as dc 1 can use a buggy board now and have got rid of the original single pram and smaller double.
Therefore we now have 4 pushchairs left all useful for different purposes. Will be childminding my nephew soon so they will certainly get used.
Total cost for all 6 prams £700 of which £500 was for the big double that we're still using 3 years on. How cool the pram is didn't matter to us, it was wether it did the job at the time.

VinegarDrinker Wed 07-Aug-13 18:23:55

People with multiple slings have already been mentioned at least twice on this thread!

MiaowTheCat Wed 07-Aug-13 18:15:42

Mine are sold on if they don't suit... the really battered single we keep around will end up on either freecycle or passed to a family who can use via my mum's council ward contacts when we're done with it - none of them have ended up in the tip so we can quit that one... most pushchair addicts sustain their fetish by selling their old ones on and buying new/second hand ones with that money, they're not buying a brand new bugaboo one week and sending it to the tip the next cos it doesn't suit the colour of their new shoes like some on here are trying to make out so they can have a nice morally outraged handwringing session.

Now shall we bash women who have 10+ slings? Some of them if they're really high end and hard to find limited edition ones can cost the same as the couple of hundred quid a second hand pushchair will.

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