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or is this price actually normal?

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petuniapickletits Wed 07-Aug-13 08:31:39

I get married in six months. We are not in the area we are getting married in so I will have a 2.5 hr journey to attend a trial for hair and makeup.

I googled local beauticians etc and contacted the only one I could find. ...They've just quoted me £165 JUST for my make up. Would i be unreasonable to tell her she is having an absolute laugh or am I just expecting too much? I anticipated about £150 for hair and makeup. . I get married very late afternoon at a private ceremony following a dinner with my new husband, its not like im wearing it all day like a bride getting married late morning would. I'll be wiping it off after a few hours!

I wander if tidy's gluezilla is using them, they sound equally unreasonable imo lol!!

Wishwehadgoneabroad Wed 07-Aug-13 11:52:02

(oh, and I think you're better off spending the money on a decent photographer! That way, even if your make up isn't perfect, it will look it anyway on the pics!)

Wishwehadgoneabroad Wed 07-Aug-13 11:51:06

£25 for make up here. Mind you..I have had 2 trials so far, so in total, it's going to cost £75!

ceeveebee Wed 07-Aug-13 11:50:02

I use a site called "wahanda" to find beauty/hair/nails etc (as they oftenhave special offers on)

I found this one for you - mobile beauty in Plymouth - maybe they will come to you? £35 for bridal makeup

RamsgateMummy Wed 07-Aug-13 11:45:59

Hi, as you are having an afternoon wedding, would it be possible to have your hair done at your local hairdressers for a normal fee.....then head to House of Fraser and get your make up done at the Clarins/MAC/Bobby Brown counter.....they are normally free. This is what I did as I had a late wedding...I did buy the Bobby Brown lipstick though to take with me for the day. There is a House of Fraser in Plymouth if that is on your way to Fowey. Hope you sort some thing out without having to pay a small fortune smile

oopslateagain Wed 07-Aug-13 11:03:35

I could never understand the "hair and make-up" wedding sessions - I went to a local salon, one I'd used regularly (yes I went there - they didn't come to me, honestly on the day of the wedding everything was organised and planned already so all I had to do was get up, get ready, have photos and head off to the church). My friend came over after I got back from the hairdresser and she did my makeup while my nails dried (and I did those myself, too). Nice and relaxed and no faffing around. And didn't cost any more than a regular hairdo!

therumoursaretrue Wed 07-Aug-13 11:02:06

It is absolutely worth getting a makeup artist to do your bridal makeup. A properly trained make up artist will have done training in colour analysis, will be well experienced in makeup for photographs/film which is important for your wedding day and will take the stress off you on the day.

Just not for that price!

bigkidsdidit Wed 07-Aug-13 10:48:33

I paid about that in London. It was far, far better than I could ever have done myself. You'll be looking at the photos for the rest of your life - worth spending a bit IMO

DameDeepRedBetty Wed 07-Aug-13 10:48:18

Getting yourself to the top of the Google Listings is a bit of a performance and I know a lot of small businesses don't actually bother. If I Google my own area for hair and makeup it's swamped with ads for a couple of companies that as a local I wouldn't touch with a bargepole. My own extremely good, competitively priced hairdresser/beautician doesn't turn up until page 3.

soverylucky Wed 07-Aug-13 10:47:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worldgonecrazy Wed 07-Aug-13 10:44:05

We have a family wedding coming up, and I've booked the bride's make up at MAC, for £50. She also gets £50 towards any make up she wants, so it's cost neutral.

It may be cheaper for you to go to a make up artist rather than for them to come to you.

petuniapickletits Wed 07-Aug-13 10:42:05

Definitely not London. .. im getting married in Fowey. .Cornwall !


I emailed back and told her straight, politely ofc.

weeblueberry Wed 07-Aug-13 10:39:39

If its in the London area I'd say it's about right. Most other places and it's expensive.

My cousin is a Mac make up artist in Edinburgh and charges £135 for a bride and two bridesmaids.

Fairy130389 Wed 07-Aug-13 10:35:07

Just lolled at hermione! That is ridiculous! I think mine was 60 but for that she did me, my mum and aunt! Hair was more expensive but I think was still only about 70 , that was in posh salon with free champagne!!

MumnGran Wed 07-Aug-13 10:35:00

My DD was given a great tip, so I will pass it on.....
Instead of googling wedding hair & makeup, talk to the hotel wedding planner (and any contacts you have in the area) about the best local salon....and visit them first to talk about about hair. When you have found a salon you plan to use .....ask the hairdresser about who they know who is good for wedding makeup.
H'd's and m'up artists work side by side so often, that a good salon will absolutely know who is good in their area ...and who isn't!! most expensive doesn't always = best service & result, and sometimes local people who only advertise very locally, are brilliant!!

mynameisslimshady Wed 07-Aug-13 10:32:21

The very moment you mention the word 'wedding' the price shoots right up. I just asked for a normal appointment with mine, got exactly what I would have had with a 'wedding appointment' for about £100 less.

hermioneweasley Wed 07-Aug-13 10:24:55

£165 for make up! £150 for hair! <faints>

The correct response is "I'm sorry, there's been a misunderstanding, I don't want to buy your house, I just want hair and make up doing"

SouthernComforts Wed 07-Aug-13 10:22:36

£150 for hair?!! Lord above, is she weaving it with gold? Ask around your local salons and on FB.

Redlocks30 Wed 07-Aug-13 09:57:00

My wedding make up cost £25 including the trial!

petuniapickletits Wed 07-Aug-13 09:06:22

Glad ive had some responses to this. off to find some other quotes!

themonsteratemyspacebar Wed 07-Aug-13 08:59:10

Thats ridiculous! Been a bridesmaid at weddings twice this year and each one cost the bride £50/£60 each for hair AND make-up and that includes the trial and the people doing it coming to the venue. Both an hour away. Cost £40 for the bridesmaids.

therumoursaretrue Wed 07-Aug-13 08:55:22

Oops posted too soon. Think people would price themselves out of the market if they charged that here.

memphis83 Wed 07-Aug-13 08:55:12

My make up is costing £80, my hair has just been quoted at £300 for myself and a bridesmaid not including trial, that is £35 each and an extra £5 each to put in the hair comb.
I won't be going with them eventhough the other quotes are around the same, I just feel the charging to slide a hair comb in is taking the p**s.

therumoursaretrue Wed 07-Aug-13 08:54:14

I'd definitely say that sounds expensive then, comparing it to prices of makeup artists where I am. I'm a makeup artist and think anyone who charged that for

cozietoesie Wed 07-Aug-13 08:54:11

You probably mentioned the 'W' word when asking for a quote - that adds 00s on to any amount they tell you. (They think you're going to be so punchy that you'll just say yes and sign the cheque.) Madness.

petuniapickletits Wed 07-Aug-13 08:47:53

Thank you VoiceofRaisin very excited!

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