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AIBU to be pissed off about massive hike in nursery fees (£200pcm)

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rumbelina Tue 06-Aug-13 16:07:28

When he started 2 years ago, DS's nursery had a daily charge or a weekly charge for full time. The full time cost was equivalent to 4 days paid separately.

They have now sent a letter saying they have been 'miscalculating' and actually we will now pay for 5 separate days. This puts the price up by £200 per month for full time.

They have offered a 10% discount on a full time place for 12 months since it is 'their mistake' but it is still a massive increase and effectively cancels out any benefit we might have had from the 15 free hours which will start in January.

For various reasons our budget is a lot tighter than it was and I'm really fed up that we now have to fork out such a large extra amount with one month's notice.

I know they only have to give a months notice but a) I don't believe it is a 'miscalculation' - what for 4 years plus (friend's child has been going there that long)?? and b) I sincerely doubt staff wages will increase dramatically.

I love the nursery and the staff, and so does DS, but I'm bloody pissed off.

rumbelina Mon 12-Aug-13 15:50:06

Mandy we were paying monthly £690 (2 x £243 vouchers + £204)

We will now be paying £900-10% = £810 (2 x £243 + £324) therefore £120 extra per month out of our pockets. I believe the nursery to be worth it, but having budgeted for a house move and cut in wages (for better job) based on the current cost, we could have done with a bit more notice as we will be tight now.

It turns out that when the current operators took over the business 5 years ago, the nursery manager explained the charging system to them, told them very clearly there was a discrepancy between the daily/weekly rates but they were happy to carry on with it.

She is horrified that they have changed it with 1 month's notice especially since she went to great pains to ensure they were fully aware of the arrangement and thinks they should have phased it in over 5 years so it wasn't such a shock to people's budgets.

Mandy21 Mon 12-Aug-13 16:00:22

Sorry, yes, with £120 more upfront its annoying and I wouldn't be happy either. But I think as someone else up the thread says, it sounds as if you've been underpaying for quite a while so you've had some benefit. I still think you'll get some benefit from the Early Years Funding so its a hit now, but you'll be better off next September.

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