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To be annoyed about friend's behaviour?

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Obviouslyanamechange Sat 03-Aug-13 16:45:04

Regular, name changed.

This has been praying on my mind for a few weeks. Went for a bottle or two glass of wine at friends, there was a group of us there who get together on a regular basis....with kids/without/with husbands etc.

Having a lovely time, chatting, laughing etc. one of our friends wasn't there, let's call her A. Friend B and I were having a dance. I stupidly asked her something that had been on my mind nosey for a while.

I asked friend B why she goes round to Bs in the day for alchol with Dcs in tow......because I did this with A and B once and did not enjoy it. I couldn't relax, the Dcs did quite a bit of damage.....let DS's pet rat out.....weed on DS (9) Lego collection and broke models up. Also, they are quite open about the Dcs running riot, getting out of the house etc while they drink. The Dcs are 5.

I know I shouldn't of said it but was curious. Anyway B was livid, ranted on and on.... Shouted at me when I tried to calm her down then when I burst into tears she said say thank you when she comforted me..... I was a bit taken back and felt uncomfortable so didn't say anything, she then repeated sternly say thank you... I did.

Aibu to be angry and find the thank you think odd?

GreyWhites Sat 03-Aug-13 19:39:21

As far as I can see, there are a lot of people getting very drunk and very emotional and not really making a lot of sense. You ask why your friend behaved in this way, I think the answer really is: booze.

Drunkenly questioning your friend's motives for associating with another friend clearly offended her, but the fact that the pair of you were 3 sheets to the wind at the time meant that the conversation got out of hand.

Clearly the answer is not to get so hammered. Or if you do, don't waste too much time wondering why everyone is behaving so strangely and why things get so chaotic.

The joy of sobering up and realising you have said something that has offended a friend.

You are both unreasonable.

Famzilla Sat 03-Aug-13 20:46:03

I think you all need to stop drinking so much.

Asking someone why they do something they obviously enjoy is never going to end well.

CrapBag Sat 03-Aug-13 21:59:51

"Why do you still go round to As house, after the shit time we had here?"

This does not sound like a curious question. To me it sounds like "why do you go to hers when we all had a crap time together" and makes it sound like you are being left out and don't like it. I'm not surprised that you got a bad reaction, it sounds a bit shitty actually. Although the bit about making you say thank you for comforting you is odd.

It doesn't make much sense tbh. So they regularly sit around in the middle of the day, get hammered and let the kids run riot? Not sure I believe it, how does the other one get home? How do they continue to look after their children?

Oblomov Sat 03-Aug-13 22:06:30

Not A or B wink
Am not drinking now , or drunk when looking after kids. But I can have a pimms or a glass of wine during the day, and still be totally in control of ds2 and not be slurring my words, at the school gate, when picking up ds1, you know.
Drinking, during the day, when you have your kids , is not a Crime, you know. Although OP seems to think it is.

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