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It turns my stomach to see dogs on beds in advertisements, films etc...

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duchesse Fri 02-Aug-13 15:04:04

And I'm actually a dog owner!

I just can't help thinking about the fur, the dirty paws, the worms, fleas and ticks, the things they lick, the way they lick their genitals and anus, even their disgusting flipping food. Even clean dogs are filthy compared to my bed. There is no way in god's earth that my dogs are ever even coming upstairs, let alone sleeping in/on my bed!

Why are dogs on beds sold as an attractive lifestyle notion?

<eurgh!> <shudder>

littlewhitebag Sat 10-Aug-13 15:59:28

My lab is allowed upstairs as she likes being wherever we are. She is not allowed on the beds but my eldest DD sneaks her onto her bed so I often find her curled up there.

She also likes my beautiful chaise longue in the sunroom as it is an excellent place to watch over the garden for rogue rabbits too bark at. I have given up trying to keep her off it and now just cover it with a blanket to keep it clean.

I am on holiday right now and am missing her and her snuggly stinky hugs.

Total favouritism in this house. Bigger dog stays downstairs, but he does sneakily kip on the sofa.

Little dog sleeps upstairs in someone's bed all night. It varies - mostly she sleeps tucked in behind my legs, sometimes in DS's bed. We also let the dogs lick the plates when we have finished eating

Pantone363 Sat 10-Aug-13 13:05:22


It's grim, our dog isn't even allowed upstairs let alone on anyone's bed. No sofas either.

PrettyKitty1986 Sat 10-Aug-13 12:52:10

Also have a cat who doesn't go on the work tops. Every so often she'll try her luck and get pushed straight down. It's certainly not a problem or frequently though!

PrettyKitty1986 Sat 10-Aug-13 12:49:44


I would never let a dog on my bed, or my sofas.

Even the cleanest dogs still smell doggy - the thought of the dog jumping off the sofa and then me sitting on it in a work outfit for instance - ugh.

My mum lets her dogs go anywhere and I just think it's horrible tbh.

edam Sat 10-Aug-13 12:28:53

I've never had a cat that was allowed on the worktops, and never had a problem keeping them off. Odd your experience is so different.

livinginwonderland Sat 10-Aug-13 11:42:29

Cats on worktops shock [shock}

hahaha, unless you lock them out, you can't stop them. Our kitchen doesn't have a door, it just opens off the corridor and no matterhohew many times you move them/chuck them off/tell them off, they go back. Whenever I walk into the kitchen, I hear the telltale "thump" of the cats jumping onto the floor!

edam Sat 10-Aug-13 11:36:39

When we got our first cat, dh (who had never had a cat, or dog, before) announced firmly 'she's not allowed in the bedroom, I'll shut the door at night'. I pointed out this was a. mean b. destined to fail. He lasted two nights of the cat pawing at the door... grin

Nothing nicer than curling up to a nice warm cat at night. Although fighting for the pillow is a big of a bugger.

Dogs, on the other hand, are slobbery and far too BIG but I am prepared to believe that dog owners just don't see it. Up to them what they do in the privacy of their own home and all that.

When I left home, my sister got a dog. I was dubious but went home from university and fell in love with the daft, cheeky mutt. He worked out v quickly that I was a soft touch and the one who was likely to wake up first - he used to burst open my bedroom door when he reckoned it was time to get up, and take a flying leap onto my bed. Which got me up PDQ as he was the size of an Alsatian...

AnswerThePhone Sat 10-Aug-13 11:28:22

Cats on worktops shock [shock}

LimburgseVlaai Fri 09-Aug-13 17:12:46

Our house is not particularly clean and the children have been known to curl up in the dogs' beds; but the dogs and the cat are not allowed anywhere upstairs and most definitely not on the beds. The cat can go on the worktops and on the sofa but the dogs definitely not. I know this is all very inconsistent. Everyone has different rules; these are ours.

The idea of a pet on the bed, let alone in the bed under the covers, is just a complete no-no. I never let dogs lick me - yeuch.

KatoPotato Fri 09-Aug-13 16:53:59

It gives me the absolute boke. We were at a lovely country pub but kept being mithered by the owner's dog who assumed we'd think this was just marvellous. I dislike dogs, this is very unpopular.

The dog was sitting up on all the seats with its arse dangling with clinkers. I'm the odd one?

MitMopse Fri 09-Aug-13 16:49:09

YANBU it's gross. I also shudder when my MIL lets her three (yep 3) small dogs sit on my sofa (eww with their actual arseholes in contact with my cushions) and wipe their furry little beards all over my white living room rug after having a drink. The rug I steamed in the house cleaning rituals undertaken before their arrival - I am an idiot. I really like dogs and animals in general but they are lacking in the personal hygeine department!

DukeSilver Sun 04-Aug-13 14:32:53

I am reading this on my bed with my toddler and massive greyhound curled up next to me...bliss!

TheProsAndConsOfHitchhiking Sun 04-Aug-13 14:22:00

YANBU! I dont like having the kids on my bed never mind a dog!

CMOTDibbler Sun 04-Aug-13 14:19:05

Cmotdog sleeps in his crate at night as I prefer not to get a paw up the nose (he's a lurcher). But his greatest delight in the morning is to run up the stairs and fling himself into our bed sideways to join the members of the family not detailed to let him out.

Two of our cats do sleep in our bed, and ds used to have a house rabbit who slept in bed with him.

On Oldbags theme, I used to know a couple (and I knew them through 'goat club' which did have a fairly high proportion of interesting people) who had a muntjac deer who lived in the kitchen. And was litter trained.
Another of the goat club would share his can of coke with the goats, and also ice creams.

thecatneuterer Sun 04-Aug-13 14:04:41

oldbag I love your photos! The cat and dog spooning on the bed are wonderful!

quesadilla Sun 04-Aug-13 13:59:35

Sorry but I think your reaction is really over the top.

I don't have dogs and wouldn't be crazy about then sleeping on beds if I did but it just seems really weird and a bit unhealthy to let it get to you that much.

Life's. Too. Short.

Gonnabmummy Sun 04-Aug-13 13:53:37

OP would hate my house too. It's never struck me as odd to have my dogs in my bed?
I don't see them as any different tbh probably cleaner than DP. If a dog licks his anus surely it means it would be cleaner when he sits on bed not so sure about DP wink
If your unfortunate enough to get fleas they will end up everywhere no matter where the dog is, they will get on your clothes and make their way up that way
They lose hair obviously but so do we, I think it's good because when you see dog hair it makes you wash the bedding more haha
There's only one downfall to them on the bed and that's there no space!

Tortoisegirl Sun 04-Aug-13 10:45:40

I would rather share my bed with my cats than quite a few men I know!

Wholetthedogin Sun 04-Aug-13 09:35:18

oldbagwants your pictures are brilliant. In one of them are your dogs cuddling with a cat? That's amazing.

theodorakisses Sun 04-Aug-13 09:15:00

I don't mind my own dogs. I have to say I grind my teeth when other people's bogy fingered children climb on my furniture more.

megsmouse Sun 04-Aug-13 08:25:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thebody Sun 04-Aug-13 07:27:22

don't have a dog but my little cat is snuggled down between dh and me right now and she's gorgeous.

Kassett Sun 04-Aug-13 02:53:15

I'm with you OP. One of the reasons I don't have a dog is that I wouldn't want it inside at all let alone in my bedroom.

CoolStoryBro Sun 04-Aug-13 02:49:34

We bought a sofa for the end of the bed solely to get the ever growing puppy out of our bed. He still creeps in occasionally though, particularly for a thunderstorm. Little dog has always slept at the end of DD's bed and she loves it.

We do this thing called bathing and grooming our dogs, though. On a regular basis. And we live in a country that has Lyme's disease coming out of its ears, and I have had one tick ever, and it wasn't from having my dog in the bed.

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