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to think that "Fast-track" is just paying to push in?

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Scholes34 Wed 31-Jul-13 17:13:52

Just that, really. After spending a day with four kids at Alton Towers and a lot of time in various queues, is fast-track really just paying to push in?

theodorakisses Mon 05-Aug-13 10:29:09

When I was a kid I always wanted to go to Tucktonia, my parents always said no, too expensive and too depressing. Yes, because walking around Corfe Castle in the rain was a deep joy

TentUpFirstBunkUpLater Sun 04-Aug-13 21:12:20

When I was a kid the nearest I got to a 'theme park' was Dreamland in Margate

Well done to you if you can afford to go to any theme park now. Get your heads out of your arses and stop whining. If you don't like to queue don't go, spend your money/time on something more fruitful.

Sorry, but FGS its a queue in an already expensive theme park

candycoatedwaterdrops Sun 04-Aug-13 20:52:26

Sorry you're having a craptastic time whatamalarkey. sad
thanks for you!

razmataz Sun 04-Aug-13 20:07:59

Just a couple of comments to throw into the mix.

If you hate queues, and don't want to pay for Fastracks then go off season - May or September, and don't pick a day when the weather forecast is 30 degrees and sunny. If you go n the middle of the summer holidays, then expect it to be busy.

Secondly, theme parks are not cheap to run - rides have huge maintenance and engineering costs, plus there are loads of staff costs. These are businesses that need to make a profit - if they don't then they cannot run, and they certainly cannot build new rides and attractions.

If they charged less, they'd have to let in more people = longer queues. If they limited the numbers so there were only short queues, they'd have to charge more.

If you don't think the prices are worth it, then don't go - there's always a choice.

whatamalarkey Sun 04-Aug-13 19:20:08

Oh ffs am schobe but often name change! Can't keep track of anything.

whatamalarkey Sun 04-Aug-13 19:19:33

Soz candy I just generally am literally at the end of my tether with everything. I should be banned from posting on anything tbh.

fuzzpig Sat 03-Aug-13 14:57:31

Thanks Candy and Odd thanks

candycoatedwaterdrops Sat 03-Aug-13 14:38:51

^ Just to add - in case you actually do think I'm a complete cow, I am sorry if you think I was implying that you were being disablist, I genuinely wasn't. I was just confused about what you were saying because IME, fast past queues are separate to disabled access queues.

candycoatedwaterdrops Sat 03-Aug-13 14:01:57

schobe Aaah, so you're psychic? Seriously, don't have a go at me. I wasn't attacking you, I was checking it out because you the way you wrote it didn't come across very clearly. If you've seen me on other threads, you will see that I am not one to nitpick on terminology or anything like that at all. If you haven't, then you're making assumptions and you know fuck all about me.

theodorakisses Sat 03-Aug-13 12:50:44

That was very harsh. Apologies.
the fact of the matter, the only only real fact of this is that these places get away with charging the best part of a months salary for entry and then expect people, any people to queue for hours. It isn't David Cameron's fault and it doesn't make anyone else "vile", it is just ridiculous that people accept the charges and conditions of these places.

theodorakisses Sat 03-Aug-13 12:36:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

schobe Sat 03-Aug-13 12:03:33

No candy I think you were dying to jump on someone for use of language that may for a micro second be deemed to be in some way disrespectful to people with disabilities.

My knickers are always in a twist so don't bother with that one.

Cravey Sat 03-Aug-13 10:54:46

Yes. So what's your point ? Pay it and get on first. Don't pay it. Wait longer. It's really not very hard.

IWantATowel Sat 03-Aug-13 10:31:31

I took my boy to alton towers a month ago, we're not well off at all but I saved for longer to get fast track because it's a once in a blue moon event and I wanted to make the most out of it. It was worth the money for sure, but I did feel embarrassed when joining the queue near the front.

candycoatedwaterdrops Sat 03-Aug-13 09:52:33

fuzz I think I recall you saying you've applied for DLA? Many of those places accept a DLA letter as proof. I've taken a medical letter as well as that served as proof.

candycoatedwaterdrops Sat 03-Aug-13 09:51:27

Don't get aggressive at me! I just thought I had read it wrong, so wanted to check it out hence why I asked. confused You can't always read things properly over the internet. Don't get your knickers in a twist.

Incidentally, I went to Disney Paris last year and relished being able to queue jump because of my disability. Life being physically impaired is a tough old grind but I had a great weekend break. It was the first time I'd been away since my condition 'arrived' so I really enjoyed myself - despite feeling a little guilty at times.

schobe Sat 03-Aug-13 09:39:23

And the 'alternative dimension' comment is because I dared to bore everyone with disability again.

schobe Sat 03-Aug-13 09:36:55

Oh fgs candy. Am I allowed my opinion if I tell you my DS is severely disabled?

No I don't think he gets an 'advantage', far from it. He's never had an advantage in his whole bloody life. But the people paying for fast track do. Talk about picking holes in the semantics/phrasing of a post.

Lisa - I'm glad to hear that. When I went, they had only just started putting the fast-track people with those with disabilities (so they said). There was no allowing anyone to go ahead, just one big queue. Glad it's changed if that's the case. I won't feel so nervous about trying again.

Dackyduddles Sat 03-Aug-13 08:53:58

I just don't get the angst here tbh.

Disabled get queues to help them
Everyone gets a 'normal' queue
Everyone gets the chance to pay to queue jump/priority board

Everyone gets an opportunity. You only use the places in set seasons so if you're going to save up to use a TP save up to fast track.

Equating that to political ideology is I suppose possible at a stretch but rather odd.....

OddBoots Fri 02-Aug-13 16:52:09

fuzzpig, I have similar issues but we went to Chessington, Thorpe Park and Legoland last year and I coped by having one of these. It is quite possible I could have had a disabled pass but I felt very uncomfortable with that and there was always somewhere I could put my stick safely for each ride.

fuzzpig Fri 02-Aug-13 16:25:22

Ah that's interesting thanks Lisa. I will start a thread look into all that further then, if we decide to visit next year smile

lisad123everybodydancenow Fri 02-Aug-13 16:11:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fuzzpig Fri 02-Aug-13 15:36:23

Seems I wouldn't be eligible in legoland so would definitely pay for it instead. There is no way I could queue now (even leaning against fences or DH wouldn't be enough).

lisad123everybodydancenow Fri 02-Aug-13 15:24:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fuzzpig Fri 02-Aug-13 15:24:04

Sorry went off on a tangent there hmm

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