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put my foot in it big time

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annie56 Tue 30-Jul-13 18:29:26

my only grandchild to be christened was baptised on sunday but I made a megga mistake at the party.
My sons g/f (babys mother) has never liked me and not let me spend time with my grandson who is now 3 months old. She tells my son not to leave the house with him if he's babysitting him and not to let anyone over there and she visits her friends and family with him but has never come here with or without my son. In fact my son had to sneak him over to our house while she was out on her birthday and that was only half an hour as she came home early
so to the christening.- we held him once and as he was crying (not knowing us well through her not letting him know us) she grabbed him back to her table with her family. She never came to our table once and never introduced us to her family. Every time we asked our son to bring baby over there was some reason he couldn't ( baby was hot, feeding, winding,sleeping) yet her step mother, sister, father all were holding him at various times.
We decided to leave as my daughter had come travelled with her 5 year old to the occasiona nd never got to hold the baby either. On leaving, I said bye and tried to kiss son's g/f's cheek and as usual she turned it so i could only get her ear , then I said - okay dont bother then - and we left. This has caused trouble now she calling me a child having a tantrum with f words used. I realize I probably should have held it together for the sake of my son who I am gutted for that he was upset.
I have sent an apology and a bunch of flowers but no reply. i dont expect her to forgive me or be my best friend, this will give her and her family ammunition to dislike me even more.
Her family never spoke all through christening and tho we could have introduced ourselves, they gave off a vibe of no interest so we stayed at our table. She has never put on clothes I have bought my grandson, never said thanks for gifts for her or baby.
My husband says leave it but as it was my first christening of a grandchild (I have 4 others but none been christened) I feel like I am to blame - which in a way I am but just couldn't stand being denied my grandson to hold - she only let me hold him when my sisters in laws were there, once theyw ent then the excuse started
what would anyone else do now?

annie56 Tue 30-Jul-13 22:20:14

mistake number 1 - I should have introduced myself to her family - some I did at church and some I already know, i am shy with new people actually
I did visit sons house once weekly at first as baby young and they soon grow up so went weekly and only for about half an hour
havent seen gs for about 3 weeks prior to christening
I have offered help and them to come here but she wont - she has family support anyway and friends
I spoke out of turn and regret it
thanks for help

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