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To be irritated that DS1 has taken the last batteries I was saving for my rabbit?

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ParvatiTheWitch Tue 30-Jul-13 14:32:36

We spend a fortune on them and I noticed a few left and hey ho, I thought, "I get those later and dust off the old rabbit so DH and I can have some fun". DS1(10) is always popping to the drawer and helping himself to batteries for the x-box controller hmm.

Bloody hell, I can't even have a wank or bring the "third party" into relations now grin. I will have to get some more and hide them. We had thousands last week.

ParvatiTheWitch Sat 03-Aug-13 00:12:18

Forgot to say, it plugs into the mains to charge up grin. It doesn't need batteries. Which was the whole point of the thread.
I am not feeling so sour faced anymore.

ParvatiTheWitch Sat 03-Aug-13 00:10:25

Dear Heavens above. Thank you, "AsGoodasitGets". I bought an Ultimate "O" and it is the best £40 I have ever spent. I have just had one of the best home alone nights ever. It brings you off so quickly and I don't find it easy to orgasm, I couldn't believe it. I have wanked myself silly and had three big ones. With all the trembling and clenching at the "moment of truth", I won't need to do anymore crunches, I'll have abs of steel. It is fucking intense though.
That thread about elusive orgasm, hmm, they need the Ultimate O. I am still shaking.

peachactiviaminge Wed 31-Jul-13 07:27:29

Rat They appear to have gone up to £4.99 here spotted them on HUKD yesterday.

Ericaequites Wed 31-Jul-13 02:49:17

Buy a Hitachi Magic Wand. They plug into the wall, and are very effective.

softlysoftly Wed 31-Jul-13 01:05:14




Alohomora Tue 30-Jul-13 23:28:45

grin grin grin

I had to stop peeking at this thread at work (ahem), excellent shopping list for Santa there!

Alconleigh Tue 30-Jul-13 23:26:58

I have the most lovely rechargeable Lelo toy, branded Myla as It was bought from there. A gift, you understand...

ratbagcatbag Tue 30-Jul-13 23:05:58

Peach. Have you got the link for the £2.49 charge and play pack for Xbox?

dementedma Tue 30-Jul-13 23:02:58

I use dh's when I am pissed off with him grin

ClartyCarol Tue 30-Jul-13 23:01:27

Hope you give it a wash before you brush your teeth dementedma?!

thebody Tue 30-Jul-13 22:18:10

😄😄😄😄 u dirty mares

vivizone Tue 30-Jul-13 21:59:16

HAHA you actually put a smile on my face. Enjoy!

ParvatiTheWitch Tue 30-Jul-13 21:55:27

Is that the Hitachi, TheBody?

See, AKiss, I would feel like I needed a poo with a butt plug up there. I closed the brown doors some years back after a lovely rectocele repair post child birth; "we don't want to undo the surgeons good work, do we, DH?" grin
Nighty night.

dementedma Tue 30-Jul-13 21:41:07

Electric toothbrush does the job in seconds!

Lackedpunchesforever Tue 30-Jul-13 21:29:07

4 minutes ? I'd demand a refund wink

Lackedpunchesforever Tue 30-Jul-13 21:28:35

You can pick one up cheap on Gumtree Softly.

Actually that's a joke.

At least I hope it's a joke.

OP I recommend rechargeable for your bunny - that way he never loses oomph wink

thebody Tue 30-Jul-13 21:19:48

best ever purchase!! including shoes!! seriously 0 to orgasm in 4 minutes!!

softlysoftly Tue 30-Jul-13 21:17:00

I've never tried one, do they do free trials <<boak>>

LifeHuh Tue 30-Jul-13 21:13:57

Ha ha! So I guess I'm the only person who spent a surreal moment thinking "batteries? Rabbit? Why on earth would a rabbit want batteries....oh." Ver'slow,that's me!

ParvatiTheWitch Tue 30-Jul-13 20:47:22

Did they let you try it in the shop softly? shock

AKissIsNotAContract Tue 30-Jul-13 20:43:57

I don't like them either softly. Hands, dildos and buttpluggs for me.

WilmaFingerdoo Tue 30-Jul-13 20:41:51

grin at Hitachi manic wand.

Yup. You definitely want yer sex aids manic.

softlysoftly Tue 30-Jul-13 20:38:44

Why do people like vibrators? Am I missing something?

<<niave prude>>

goodasitgets Tue 30-Jul-13 20:34:25

The lelo ones are lovely. Disclaimer I am not a sex toy addict, I just wasted half an hour in Ann summers this week grin

ParvatiTheWitch Tue 30-Jul-13 20:27:41

Santa's sack is going to be bulging for me this Christmas, I am doing my list already; Hitachi manic wand, an o ring, a mains one and a lelo. Buzz buzz buzz.
I suppose in a crisis, I could rely on the old viz tip: an empty cigar tube filled with angry wasps makes a good emergency vibratorgrin

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