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£1,730 Aibu that this is alot of money

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RiceAndP Tue 30-Jul-13 13:09:13

Maybe I'm being judgey/pissed off on a Rainey day today. Friend of mine has just booked herself a weeks all inclusive holiday to gran canaries, leaving her 2 DC with her husband. He doesn't work and neither does she, has no intention of and says " Why should I". This will be the third time she has gone away this year not counting her four day trip away at Christmas, staying in a four star hotel.
Last week in the hot weather she brought an enormous swimming pool costing £180. I'm sitting there thinking shit, that would be my food bill for two months.
This week I would dearly love to take DC out for the day but cant afford to. I work but am taking this week as holiday.
I can never hope to have this sort of wage into my house of £1,730 each month? Granted one of her Dc has a mild disability and has an active life in all he does, goes to school every day. Has to attend hospital appointments twice a year for check ups.
She also gets full H/B and C/T so really that's a lot of money going into taking care of this household.
I need a bloody holiday just to get over the figures given to people that don't work... Aibu..

Peachyjustpeachy Tue 30-Jul-13 13:11:09

you forgot the free goat

Salmotrutta Tue 30-Jul-13 13:12:45

And the plasma TV

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Tue 30-Jul-13 13:13:52

Oh dear..hope you have a hard hat on.

But yes YABU!!

MalcolmTuckersMum Tue 30-Jul-13 13:14:21

Big fuck off LandRover in the driveway? Surely?

RiceAndP Tue 30-Jul-13 13:14:42

The Plasma is pride of place, all 50 inches of it and the leather 3 piece sofa and armchairs.

GoodTouchBadTouch Tue 30-Jul-13 13:15:22

YANBU, Id be pissed off in your position.

I don't see how that amount is enough for all these extra holidays though. Is that amount the total?

Maybe she has a rich relative or something. Surely nobody lives that well off the state.

Salmotrutta Tue 30-Jul-13 13:15:25

I was kidding actually...

JambalayaCodfishPie Tue 30-Jul-13 13:15:32

You are begrudging the carer of a child with disabilities a break?

You are going to get FLAMED grin

WireCat Tue 30-Jul-13 13:16:09

How do you know all these things?

Salmotrutta Tue 30-Jul-13 13:16:29

And you sound like such a lovely "friend".

Salmotrutta Tue 30-Jul-13 13:16:54

<gets deck chair>

cheerfulweather Tue 30-Jul-13 13:17:01

Poor you, RiceandP.

Shocking isn't it. There was a thread (I suspect it was a stealth boast) recently about a poster with 45 children (different fathers, of course) living it up in luxury on benefits. They were simply raking it in.

RiceAndP Tue 30-Jul-13 13:17:30

No im not begrudging a carer of a child with disabilities, that is not what I mean so sorry if I have offended anyone.

noblegiraffe Tue 30-Jul-13 13:18:13

Why don't you damage one of your kids just enough to get a free holiday too?

Or would it not be worth it?

ClartyCarol Tue 30-Jul-13 13:19:08

Oh God, here we go again. So fucking predictable on both sides.

MaxPepsi Tue 30-Jul-13 13:19:35

£1730 all inclusive for a week in Gran canaria, for one person?

Yes that is a lot!

JaquelineHyde Tue 30-Jul-13 13:19:49

WOW and you have the cheek to call this woman your FRIEND!

GoodTouchBadTouch Tue 30-Jul-13 13:20:17

OP don't take any notice. Of course you aren't being unreasonable to feel pissed off.

Still don't think it makes sense though. £1700 a month, isnt enough for lots of holidays. They must get extra from somewhere

broccolirocks Tue 30-Jul-13 13:20:30

Where can I get an enormous swimming pool for £180????

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Tue 30-Jul-13 13:22:00

Clearly if anyone can afford four holidays a year and are living on benefits there is something wrong somewhere!

My dh and I aren't entitled to anything. He doesn't earn a huge fortune either. I haven't had a proper holiday in eight years. hmm

Oswin Tue 30-Jul-13 13:22:18

Bloody hell, I'm unemployed, on benefits, have I missed some sort of benefit because all these tales of people on benefits having exotic holidays are so far from the reality I know. I live on an estate where unemployment is high, and the only people I know who've ever been abroad have jobs.

EhricLovesTeamQhuay Tue 30-Jul-13 13:22:32

Do you know how much benefits are? Not enough for luxury holidays, honestly.

HappyMummyOfOne Tue 30-Jul-13 13:23:48

All you can do is take no notice and make new friends if you dont share their views and morals.

Of course it hurts when you work x hours and see people being handed he same money and not having to earn it. Its galling.

From your decription it doesnt sound like they both need to be carers or that care is 24/7 demanding so not a dig at carers needing a break.

nenevomito Tue 30-Jul-13 13:23:51

I have a kid with a disability and am going camping this year as I can't afford a week AI anywhere in prime season.

I do hope you're all going to club together to send me on me hols since you wouldn't begrudge me a break grin.

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