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To pray that smug mothers of little girls are ...

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ReallyTired Sun 28-Jul-13 23:22:34

....sent a beautiful bouncing baby boy torando as their second child.

Those of us with two children realise that nature has a huge affect on a child's personality and ablity to behave.

I have two children and both of them are lovely now. However my son was permamently on the move as a two year old and we used to call him captain chaos. He was the sort of kid who would be into every cupboard, had the wooden spoon in the baby olympics or baby ivory league. (ie he had no desire to read Pride and Prejudice at the age of 2)

My daughter has a very different temperment. She is far more compliant, loves drawing jigsaws and isn't a muck magnet. I am sure that if she had been my first I would have been unbearably smug.

Boys take longer to grow up and my son at the age of eleven is lovely most of the time. He is still a muck magnet, but he has plenty of friends and doing well at school.

themaltesefalcon Sun 28-Jul-13 23:55:37

What boring horseshit.

MammaTJ Sun 28-Jul-13 23:56:27

DD1 was a perfect child. Then she hit her teens and was hard work.

DD2 is the whirlwind in my family.

DS is my reward for not having killed his sisters. Calm, placid and cute. grin

Secretswitch Sun 28-Jul-13 23:58:35

thebody, she IS a badass.

MyThumbsHaveGoneWeird Mon 29-Jul-13 00:05:01

DS is calm and quiet, likes staying home, doing puzzles and being read to. Very tidy and clean and not particularly physical. Threads like these make me go hmm. Are there still people out there who really believe that gender is so important? Is this 2013 or 1953?

BigBoobiedBertha Mon 29-Jul-13 00:08:23

There are smug mothers with children of both genders. Mothers of boys who are glad thay don't have highly strung temperamental girls and mother of girls who who think boys are just noisy dirt machines.

All are silly for making such sweeping generalisations.

I have 2 boys who are as different as chalk and cheese and neither fits the stereotype of what boys are supposed to be like all the time or even 50% of the time. They are individuals like all children and goodness for that too! Who would want them to be all the same?

sashh Mon 29-Jul-13 00:10:10

Good grief, stereotyping at its worst.

louisianablue2000 Mon 29-Jul-13 00:10:16

And OPs like this are the reason I quite fancied a boy for DC3, so no-one could tell me I was a 'smug mother of girls'. So far DS has been no more trouble than his big sisters, although admittedly cleaning poo off a scrotum is a delight I'd not experienced up to now.

MamaChubbyLegs Mon 29-Jul-13 00:10:20

Are you reallyreallyreallytired ReallyTired? (Or am I?) because none of this made sense to me blush

princessnumber2 Mon 29-Jul-13 00:11:01

Are there still people out there who extrapolate from a sample of two? Or even three?

My youngest daughter is a thrill-seeking, outdoorsy type, obsessed with balls, cars and danger. She climbs everything and is embarrassingly loud and aggressive.

Eldest had her moments but mostly calm and risk-averse. I was never smug though and I didn't claim to have created her temperament with my wonderful parenting.

MurderOfGoths Mon 29-Jul-13 00:11:21

I'll be sure to tell DS that he's letting his gender down. hmm

sweetiepie1979 Mon 29-Jul-13 00:16:09

Really tired I just read your post again it's the dreariest most smug post ever written......"those of us with 2 children bla blah blah. Get over yourself

PramelaAndherson Mon 29-Jul-13 00:26:39

grin MalteseFalcon

RubyThePirate Mon 29-Jul-13 00:29:46

Is this the Sunday night wind up?

Pramela, yours is the best username I've ever seen on MN grin

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 29-Jul-13 00:30:57

Ha! I have 5DCs <looks suitably smug> hmm with my one and only DD in the middle of four brothers and I can honestly say that she is "more work" than all four boys have ever been. She is inquiring and imaginative and talkative and currently seems to be 11 going on 40 confused and I wouldn't change her for the world, neither would I ever put her personality and who she is down to Being A Girl confused Likewise I would never put anything her brothers say/do down to them Being A Boy - they are who they are, regardless of their X and Y chromosomes...

Angelfootprints Mon 29-Jul-13 00:35:24


Baby ivory league?

2 years olds reading Pride and Prejudice?


McNewPants2013 Mon 29-Jul-13 00:50:26

My son is hard work, but I know how to calm him down all I need to do is let him go into his own little world.

Dd likes to challenge me. She is a pink loving diva.

I love both as them as individuals they are.

I come from a large family and I can say my 2 nieces out of 6 are a dream to have the other 3 are whirlwinds the other one isn't born yet. My nephews are the same each different ( I also have 6 nephews)

Mimishimi Mon 29-Jul-13 00:56:57

I had a little girl first. She was (and still is) quite demanding and messy although lovely in other ways. My son has serious speech problems but is able to amuse himself and is as neat as a pin (like seriously orderly - doesn't get it from me but from his dad).

peteypiranha Mon 29-Jul-13 06:18:21

You win the award for post of someone who has the least experience with children if this is what you think.

Quetzalcoatlus Mon 29-Jul-13 06:21:40

I'm going to say what my 8 year old says when he's lost for words...


Chopstheduck Mon 29-Jul-13 06:25:05

HA! Wait til your daughter hits puberty!

Agree with everyone else though, children are all different regardless of gender.

D0oinMeCleanin Mon 29-Jul-13 06:25:33

Compliant? Little girls? Compliant? Someone forgot to tell dd1 this....

her favourite phrases include "I am not wearing that", "Well, if I have to wear trainers, I just won't go" "I am dressed suitably for the weather, I have tights on" <- whilst dressed in a strappy party dress in deep winter.

Dd2 is a boy by OP's description.

Chopstheduck Mon 29-Jul-13 06:26:43

I was smug like you once. My dd was quite demanding of my time and attention and an evening screamer. Then I had ds1 who was calm and quiet and happy to sit in his bouncy chair for hours. He even did as he was told when he reached toddler age. I thought I had got parenting all sussed out.

Then I had twins!

wigglesrock Mon 29-Jul-13 06:38:54

I have 3 daughters, I live in a constant bubble of smugness, I'm the smuggest in all the land of smuggington - happy now?hmm

LookMaw Mon 29-Jul-13 06:44:05

OP are you my mum?

My brother was a nightmare child <preens>

BeaWheesht Mon 29-Jul-13 06:44:38

My dd is much harder work than ds, much grubbier, much naughtier, has climbed anything since 10 months and was a regular at a&e for a while.

So, from my statistical sample of 3 I can conclude girls are 'worse' that boys.

or gender is almost irrelevant and they're just their own little people

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