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Wibu to complain about this man at my grandfather's care home?

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Auntfini Sun 28-Jul-13 13:11:43

My grandfather is in a care home as he is in a wheelchair and kept getting poorly so he moved into a care home about 6 months ago. Since then he's gone really downhill and is very forgetful and paranoid. He's always getting infections and he never drinks enough as he just doesn't think to.

I was there the other day and as I was leaving I overheard one of the carers laughing (in a shocked/embarrassed way) that she had forgotten to take drinks/tea round. It was 4pm. The woman in charge of the place said 'don't worry, just take anyone a drink if they ask for one otherwise they won't mention it'.
Well, to be honest, the elderly people in the home aren't likely to ask for a drink, they're mostly all there because they have a lot of different care needs and many suffer from dementia etc. lots are in chairs and I think they need to be reminded to drink.

I'm so cross about it as I think it's really poor, who knows how often that happens? Am I being totally over the top or would it be right to make a complaint.

My grandad keeps saying other things like they've bruised him/ scratched him, left him without dinner, left him in a dark room for hours (he cant push his chair easily alone) etc but I have to take that sort of thing with a pinch of salt as he's very unsure of his own thoughts now and I think he probably exaggerates, but now I'm worried they aren't caring for these people properly.

On the other hand I might be totally overthinking it! I am normally a very reasonable person but it all keeps going through my head.

Thanks for reading that, longer than I thought it would be!

pudcat Tue 30-Jul-13 10:59:59

I tried to have my Mum living with me but when I could no longer lift her it became impossible. The guilt of putting her in a home never goes away.

x2boys Tue 30-Jul-13 11:09:04

I Agree contact the CQC UP until sox months ago I was working on a long stay male dementia wards our patients were often discharged to EMI Nursing /EMI Residential depending on there needs some of the homes were shocking [some where very good] The CQC will and do close homes down for poor care

MammaTJ Tue 30-Jul-13 16:38:31

pudcat I am a carer by job and have told my own DM that should she need care, I will not be providing it at home.

I know the pressure on families only too well and could not do it.

I love my job, I really do, but I get to walk away at the end of my shift. I honestly do not know how those who look after family members at home manage it.

pudcat Thu 01-Aug-13 10:49:54

thanks MammTJ. I get fed up sometimes when others say "Oh I could never put my Mum/Dad in a home.". The home that Mum is in is absolutely wonderful so I know she is far better looked after than I could hope to achieve.

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