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AIBU to go on holiday?

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I have a DS, 2.7yrs. I live with DP who is not DS's Dad.

We got offered the use of an apartment in a few weeks in Portugal, a freebie from one of DP's friends. So we only have to pay for flights. It's going to be for 7 nights.

Apartment is in a quiet village, quite a way from the airport, and is in a private complex that isn't full of holiday lets, but generally where people live/ have second homes.

We decided it wasn't really the kind of holiday to take DS on, as we wouldn't be doing much, and that it would give us a chance to relax and get a break, so I have arranged for DS to stay with my parents.

DS hero worships my dad, and they help me out with childcare while I work, so I have no qualms about how he will be looked after, or that he won't enjoy it. My Mom won't be working at the time, and they have plans to spend some time with my sister and niece and take him on a day trip on a train. smile

Ex has gotten wind of it and has made a couple of comments along the lines of him not being able to believe I am 'dumping' DS to go on holiday on my own, and how selfish it is. Also a friend's reaction was that she couldn't leave her DC for that long and won't I worry/ miss him.

Well of course I will miss him! But I know him and his grandparents are going to have a lovely time!

AIBU to go on holiday for a week without him????

Jammy321 Fri 26-Jul-13 21:33:18

Enjoy yourself! Go on holidays, don't worry about your little boy and just enjoy the week's lie ins, nights out and some time out. When I was 11 months and my sister 2.5 years old, my parents left us for four weeks to go travelling in America. I'm now 33 and have no resentment to them at all, gee I didn't even remember it. You work, you look after your little boy and are lucky that your parents can look after you little boy, I say make the most of it!! God, I would!

flipchart Fri 26-Jul-13 22:07:18

I love Portugal!!!
Have a great time!

mumblechum1 Sat 27-Jul-13 07:39:16

But on balance, I am also very clear that as an adult, I need time away from children, I need to devote time to my relationship, and both DS and I need to be people independent of one another. I've thought it all through, and decided I am going to go.

I'm sure you made the right decision, OP. smile

So many people don't pay enough attention to their spouse/partner, the relationship goes wrong because it isn't being nourished, and then the children have to go through a breakup with all that can entail.

RoxyFox211 Sat 27-Jul-13 08:24:35

Yanbu if you are comfortable. I'm sick of other people trying to dictate other people's emotional responses. If your families happy that's all that matters.

Inertia Sat 27-Jul-13 08:45:55

Go on the holiday and don't feel guilty ! You have taken ds on holiday already and he wil have a lovely holiday with his grandparents. I have very fond memories of holidays at my GPs house.

Your ex is a hypocritical waste of space. Any man who makes his wife and child homeless and turns down the opportunity of bonus contact time is in no position position to complain about the OP going away for a few days.

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