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To be sick of the current public slating off teachers!

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Belle15 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:58:26

Just feel teachers are criticised from all angles at the moment and we work damn hard for very little financial gain or thanks!! Would like to see any of the people moaning about us actuallu spend a day in our shoes.Needed a rant! confused

scottishmummy Sat 27-Jul-13 21:30:30

Teachers aren't more derided than any other professional group on mn
maybe a vociferous minority feel got at.plenty professional jobs are misrepresented in life on mn
And to an extent thats the way it goes,not right,not fair but cest la vie

ravenAK Sun 28-Jul-13 06:19:05

alreadytaken - nope, if you're going to quote me, I'd have to say that the 'miserable but competent' types are usually under no illusions as to their own performance.

I work with one, pleasant enough lass, who will cheerfully tell you she's all about the holidays & will be quitting as soon as her dh says she can hmm. She does a just about passable job, stays under the competency radar & won't be missed when she leaves.

What you actually can't do these days as a teacher is what you're suggesting - be a miserable git, & yet be 'self confident' & think yourself officially wonderful. You have regular lesson observations, which if you are a misery in the classroom will come in at a '2- good' at best, & that's assuming your exam results are impressive.

There are teachers who are grumpily, but competently, going through the motions - but they really aren't doing so in a happy haze of imagining themselves to be marvellous! grin

On the whole, if you want to know why we moan so much, you can generate some reliable chuntering just by telling us we moan too much...

alreadytaken Sun 28-Jul-13 07:51:54

but I know a very miserable teacher who thinks he is wonderful. He cant understand why most of the students hate his classes and the parents aren't grateful. TBH I don't see him as competent but he teaches bright pupils and they get good results regardless of the teaching so he gets away with it. Fewer pupils take his subject to A2 than you would expect as they are put off the subject but that is something no-one seems to notice - or if they do they dont care about it.

Most people told they moan too much would at least try to stop moaning as often, teachers start threads moaning about being told they moan smile

Arisbottle Sun 28-Jul-13 08:59:03

IME the teachers ago think they are marvellous are often the grumpy can't be bothered types. When they don't get the results it is the fault of SMT, parents , the children - anyone but themselves .

As a person who thinks I do an OK job, if my class don't get the results I start with myself .

LisaTaylor2 Mon 28-Oct-13 16:17:15

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