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To wish people would understand when you say "I can't, I've got no money at the moment..."

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GetStuffezd Thu 25-Jul-13 16:46:28

You actually mean "I really do have no money at the moment!"
I'm just having a frustrated rant.
I've moved house this week and even with my parents kindly lending me a deposit, it has wiped me out for this month. I have £18 to last until the end of the month. No biggie, I can do it. However, a group of friends I went to uni with, who live in the city about 25 miles away, have been nagging repeatedly for me to go out with them for their big reunion. I would LOVE to go. But I can't physically cannot afford it.
Result = stupid FB messages telling me to drive and drink coke, hop the train and drink whatever is on offer, etc. Finally, a snotty message from one person saying my no-show was pretty poor.

It's frustrating and embarrassing to have to repeatedly explain how little money you have. AIBU to wish people could be a bit more sensitive?

AudrinaAdare Fri 26-Jul-13 23:03:27

cushtie335 r.e works nights out, my thoughts exactly! I remember when I was newly-qualified and had bought a starter house (on my own) trying to explain to my line-manager that I really couldn't afford to go on yet another one.

She patronisingly explained that I must, because it was "good for team-building"

This lady lived in the most expensive part of town, cleaners and people to do her ironing and didn't even really have to work because generous parents and ILs helped, but I couldn't see my BF in London for two weeks let alone my actual friends. Just so I could go bowling and not eat, but pay for dreadful food in a shite restaurant with people I worked with every day and wouldn't otherwise cross the street to piss on if on fire

Terrific way to team-build hmm

She used to comment on me not eating / buying lunch at work, the subtext being that I was a stupid young woman desperate to stay thin. I wasn't. I just didn't eat lunch or have time for it and my spare change went to the vulnerable children that nobody else seemed to give a shit about angry

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