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More of a WWYD really - nephew and Facebook

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Hi, am after a bit of advice, have found my 12 year old nephew by accident on Facebook.

No big deal in general, am friends with most of my nieces & nephews (older) who have accounts.

The problem is that my sister (his mum) doesn't know about it & actually doesn't 'allow' him to have it.

He has had his mobile removed for misuse & sending dodgy images to friends (not porn, think borat type stuff) & my sister was called into school over it. He later got a mini iPad for his birthday & the account on fb says it was opened the same month as his birthday.

As I say, I liked a page of a local restaurant & it popped up names of people who liked it too, there was nephew, bold as you like, no privacy settings etc so I could easily look at pix of his baby sisters. (he's the eldest)

Thing is, it seems boys in his school who aren't friends are commenting on his teeth/hair/weight etc... He hasn't his privacy settings done so they can basically do what they want. (thinking about this, it must be pics he's tagged in, school team pics etc)

What do I do? I know my sister doesn't want him on fb, she is very protective of him in general, no sleep overs, trips etc..

I was thinking of messaging nephew on fb & telling him to change his privacy settings, otherwise he's going to get in bother. Do I mention it to my sister (who has just had another baby & life @ home is pretty tough but that's a whole other thread.)

I text another of my sisters who hasn't hot back to me yet. The timings of his posts are all after 1am when I assume his parents are asleep.

cocolepew Thu 25-Jul-13 08:31:22

Tell her. He's too young, you know she doesn't want him on it and he's being bullied on it.

Edendance Thu 25-Jul-13 08:40:49

Tell your sister- totally not your place to deal with this. But really, a 12 year old with an iPad?! What did they think he was going to do with it??!

HollyBerryBush Thu 25-Jul-13 08:47:02

When is he 13?

I'd be talking to him, not the sister. Peers acceptance is very important at that age. You risk isolating him and making him a target.

She may shut his account - but he can easily open another one and he will have learned his lesson in not identifying his school or local area - but nonetheless he will still have the same FB friends.

I never seethe point of banning these things. My youngest has had a FB account since he left primary, its his way of keeping in tough. However I hold the passwords, and we only have a desktop downstairs. his kindle has restricted access to the internet. But thinking, that doesnt stop him accessing on his mobile should he choose to.

You have to let children have a reasonable reign to make their own mistakes whilst you over view.

JRmumma Thu 25-Jul-13 08:51:05

You need to tell your sister as its not your call on how to deal with it further from that. She may be having a hard time but i bet that doesn't mean she would want you to keep this from her.

Ok, the older sister I text earlier got back to me to say nephew told her yesterday he had a fb account & his mum didn't know,

Sis assumed his dad knew, but when I text her she rung me. She's only after ringing nephew's mum who is upset. Not with the fb account but with the fact that he went behind her back to set it up.

So she knows now, but I'm glad I wasnt the one to tell her!

Bluebirdonmyshoulder Thu 25-Jul-13 10:05:45

You need to tell your sister but PLEASE do it face to face, not by text. I would also show her the account so she can see the names of the boys bullying him. Screenshots is a very good idea to show the school if need be.

I would go further though and tell your nephew that you dobbed him in and explain why. He will likely be very pissed off with you initially but could you use it to open up a discussion if how everything is at home and at school? It sounds like he needs a protective auntie in his life.

Adults shouldn't be ashamed of acting like adults.

Bluebirdonmyshoulder Thu 25-Jul-13 10:06:11

X post!

CeliaFate Thu 25-Jul-13 10:21:05

He'll do it again. He wants to fit in, be like everyone else. Can you talk to your sister to get her to relax a bit (not allow him on FB) about trips out or friends coming over?
He's secretive because he's being treated like a younger child.

ImperialBlether Thu 25-Jul-13 10:55:52

Can you ask your husband to take him for a good haircut? Can you take him to the dentist? I feel really sorry for this boy.

HorryIsUpduffed Thu 25-Jul-13 11:19:20

I tried to report an underage account recently and discovered that the option no longer exists. Facebook don't give a shit.

You have to tell his parents.

HorryIsUpduffed Thu 25-Jul-13 11:20:45

Your update didn't load before I posted blush

This whole area terrifies me. The internet is there forever.

FreckledLeopard Thu 25-Jul-13 11:22:24

I'm going to go against the grain here and say don't tell her. He's a few months off being able to have an account, he will be mercilessly teased if he doesn't have one and it's effectively social suicide at that age not to be online. Even if you do report it to Facebook, he can just re-open another account using a different email address or change his date of birth.

I'd just say something to him about privacy settings and thinking before he posts photos etc. But other than that, keep out of it.

RoxyFox211 Thu 25-Jul-13 11:42:02

Just tell him to change privacy settings and be done. That what I would do anyway.

He has had his hair cut, the person calling him on that obviously hasn't seen him since school finished (end of June)

His teeth are perfect, the dentist done a perfect job & corrected the broken tooth, this person may have been at his primary school & knows he's had work done & is using it as a stick to beat him with.

My sister does need to relax a bit, meet him half way. Her dh tells the boy he can do stuff, ie: teen discos, when he knows my sister will have issues with him going. The boy is a very immature 12 & as an open minded person I can see why my sister doesn't want him unsupervised at those kind of places.

I'm not saying he's a bad child, he just doesn't give her many reasons to trust him.

I feel sorry for him too, he does need a little leeway, but when she gives him it, he lets her down (mobile phone, now iPad) I know if she didn't want him to go on fb she should have checked better, but my dd has an iPod & I don't always check up on her. Maybe I'm too laid back opposed to her strictness.

I dunno, out of my hands now anyway. Thanks for all the sensible advice!!

TheFuzz Thu 25-Jul-13 13:14:57

Tell your sister. My son is same age, high school but we only allowed it after setting it up ourselves (everyone in school has one) and ensuring privacy and certain people were banned.

He also has us as friends so we can monitor it - which TBF has been fine - no abuse of it.

best to be aware of it, than not, and the privacy settings need sorting.

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