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Best name suggestion I've seen for the newborn drain on the taxpayer...

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SolidGoldBrass Tue 23-Jul-13 23:16:07

I popped into a pub this afternoon for a wee and a pint and they had a Royal Baby Name sweepstake board behind the bar.

Someone had suggested 'Dodi.' grin

ToysRLuv Mon 29-Jul-13 11:11:06

Yes, it'd be good if William could save someone I knew. In reality the army wouldn't let him do anything too dangerous, so it's more likely that any saving is going to be done by dispensable "commoners".

burberryqueen Mon 29-Jul-13 11:10:43

Good point toys!
'Dodi' as a name for the new royal is not even slightly amusing btw.

ToysRLuv Mon 29-Jul-13 11:07:36

sashh: it was me who said that.. A 30th cousin is unlikely to get to the throne any time soon. In any case, I'm not a Brit (merely scandinavian/mediterranean), so can't be counted in the lot of distant cousins.

But I though the Royal family wasn't particularly British (hence their name, which they'd like to conveniently forget - "Saxe-Coburg and Gotha"?), anyway?

sashh Mon 29-Jul-13 09:02:55

Alla: I don't know, and I'll never get the chance to try the role for myself as I'm not one of the Saxe-Coburg (robot grin ) clan.

In the early hours of this morning there was talk of some rapper being a cousin of the new baby, but something like 30th cousin.

Apparently if you have a British ancestor you are probably at least the 30th cousin of a royal, probably a 20th.

OverTheFieldsAndFarAway Mon 29-Jul-13 06:04:58

PeoplesRep, of course we would all be equally grateful regardless of who the rescuer was. My point was, he does do a job, an important one as far as I'm concerned. I am not a swooner, regardless of the situation but am positive if one of mine were rescued I would mention it to friends and I'm sure most people would. As I have never been privy to Williams time sheet I cannot comment on how many hours he puts in a week. Thanks for your response, it's always good to see things from another's perspective.

PeoplesRepublicOfBerkshire Sun 28-Jul-13 19:32:37

Overthefields, what an utterly ridiculous argument. If one of my family got into trouble and needed rescuing, they'd be recused by whoever happened to be on duty at the time. It's hardly likely to be Wills given how little time he actually spends working hmm.

If it was him I would not go all swoony just because, gosh, he's a real life prince hmm. I'd be equally bloody grateful if it was Bill Smith from Birmingham who pulled them out of the sea/off the cliff.

OverTheFieldsAndFarAway Sun 28-Jul-13 19:21:59

If the baby in questions Father happened to rescue a member of your family carrying out his JOB, would you feel the same I wonder.

chillinwithmyyonis Sun 28-Jul-13 17:51:19

Wow, what an irony, so where do all the lentil weaving guardian reading Republican MNetters hang out?

ToysRLuv Sun 28-Jul-13 15:32:30


YouTheCat Sun 28-Jul-13 15:21:25

Triggles the few people who hate both rich and poor and post about on MN are the sorts of people who just come on for a ruck.

Trigglesx Sun 28-Jul-13 15:17:12

I have. I'm happy with them. smile

ToysRLuv Sun 28-Jul-13 15:14:42

hmm And those people unwilling to disturb status quo in order to make a better, more equal society, just because "it could be worse", need to examine their reasons.

Trigglesx Sun 28-Jul-13 15:02:02

Not always, no, but sometimes they are. ANd I'm referring to all across MN, not just on this thread.

I'm not angry at either. But I do think the monarchy needs to remain, for a number of reasons. We all have differing opinions. I just hate to see the bile spewed out towards the royals, especially the main group of them - they were all "born into their positions" and are simply living their lives. They could do a lot worse. All these people that freak out over them and say nasty things about them need to calm down and re-examine their reasons for their hatred. It's unbalanced IMO.

YouTheCat Sun 28-Jul-13 14:47:39

Triggles, the people who are angry at the poor and those who are angry at the rich, are not necessarily the same groups of people.

I'm not angry at either. I just think the monarchy is outdated and no longer relevant.

Trigglesx Sun 28-Jul-13 12:46:54

There's a disturbing trend showing on MN lately (or maybe it's just always been there and I've not noticed it before).... people are angry at the poor because with their benefits they MIGHT have something more.. and they're angry at the rich because they DO have something more. It seems that some will never be happy unless the poor are pushed down into the gutter (where they think the poor belong) and the rich are dragged down to their level.

PeoplesRepublicOfBerkshire Sun 28-Jul-13 12:01:03

Wokeup, no he has way more holiday than all his colleagues and gets to nick a helicopter to fly his brother around whenever he fancies - it's ridiculous.

RatUpADrainpipe Sun 28-Jul-13 10:59:04

^^ it isn't just Royals, you know, who have more than 20/25 days of holiday per year !

wokeupwithasmile Sun 28-Jul-13 10:51:39

serious questions:

1- Does William work as many weeks of the year as every other commoner does? Counting the number of times he is photographed here and there, I wonder whether he has only 20/25 days of holidays per year?
2- Same for his brother.

YouTheCat Sun 28-Jul-13 10:18:07

SGB, my ex mil called me a heartless bitch for not crying about Diana. But I didn't like the woman. And whilst I didn't wish her ill, I wasn't going to start wailing and grieving for someone I had never met and couldn't care less about.

PeoplesRepublicOfBerkshire Sun 28-Jul-13 10:04:45

The queen is unbelievably sour faced. The Olympics was a classic example - she took part in that cringingly bad sketch with Daniel Craig and then once in the arena she sat looking miserable and bored for the entire opening ceremony.

I felt embarrassed watching it!

JustinBsMum Sun 28-Jul-13 07:48:09

There are round here (three-generational benefits) remember that if you have your DCs at 16 or thereabouts it doesn't take many years before there are 3 generations. There are drug dependency /dealing etc involved and the ensuing mental health problems, or claims of them, which absolves people from responsibility in the eyes of the state.

garlicagain Sun 28-Jul-13 02:21:27

generational dependence and all that

Grrr. There are NO three-generation scrounger families, the government made them up. Charities, universities and newspapers have sent teams of researchers into all the worst-deprived areas, and found nary a one. The govt eventually admitted they made it up, but forgot to tell the Daily Hate or alter the very expensive policies founded on their own lie. There aren't even many two-generation dependent families, though current economic policy will see to that shortly.

Anyways, SGB - thread topic:

Pinched from Facebook - [King] Sized Mattress.

From me - [Prince] Lee Sum.


SolidGoldBrass Sun 28-Jul-13 02:00:28

Quite interesting that some people react with even more pants-pooing outrage at the suggestion that someone might not feel that much grief when a PITA of a family member dies. If you dislike and despise someone, you might not wish them harm, you might well be sorry that they died at a young age and feel pity for their DC if they have DC, but you might not feel much grief at the departure of someone who wasn't very nice. And it can be difficult and stressful to have morons poking at you and demanding to see you cry when you're actually quite relieved to be rid of the PITA.

SunshineBossaNova Sat 27-Jul-13 23:50:14

Angel they'd only say you were well ugly if you'd previously said how other women were jealous of your looks grin

ToysRLuv Sat 27-Jul-13 23:12:53

They'd have to find my professor to give his official professional opinion, as well. Embarrassingly enough, I don't remember his name. Only what he looked like - sort of.

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