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to not care at all about the royal baby?

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lu9months Mon 22-Jul-13 21:05:39

i wish them well as i would any new parents. but really. its a child, as wonderful as any other new baby. i find it obscene the extent to which they are venerated and exalted. sorry. just how i feel.

Lazyjaney Tue 23-Jul-13 13:27:31

Private Eye Right on target smile

wait, there's a royal baby? I hadn't noticed Mn have one too, check out the crown on the baby in our logo grin

lu9months Tue 23-Jul-13 12:45:24

like this:

BREAKING NEWS: Woman Gives Birth To Baby
A married woman of childbearing age has given birth to a baby boy. The event followed nine months of pregnancy.

Brices Mon 22-Jul-13 22:41:41

People are sheep though? To be expected.
I will be mortified if they choose my baby's name. No precedent but the fear is real

feelokaboutit Mon 22-Jul-13 22:40:31


feelokaboutit Mon 22-Jul-13 22:40:01

serving - I wonder what the annual clothes budget is for the entire royal family (granparents downwards)??

feelokaboutit Mon 22-Jul-13 22:37:02

Sorry - lu9months - I didn't realise that you are the OP blush

lu9months Mon 22-Jul-13 22:32:19

he's claiming PATERNITY PAY??! surely not. god almighty.

servingwench Mon 22-Jul-13 22:30:54

That's about 20 about a months worth! That's my salary for 2 years!

feelokaboutit Mon 22-Jul-13 22:26:39


lu9months I couldn't agree more. I gave birth to my ds (now 11) at St. Mary's and it was not a great experience. (Am going to sound bitter now grin but I should add that I had two lovely births with my dds - not at St. Mary's but at two different birth centres). I arrived 10 cms dilated on my hands and knees but because this was my first baby, the midwives (on reception) gave each other a look as if to say I was mad... Ds was then born on a bed in one of the "unrefurbished" rooms which when the back was pulled up for me to have stitches, revealed an underlayer covered in mouldy blood (so h informs me as I was not in a state to look!). While still in the delivery room (after ds had been born), someone came in to fix the tap. Another person wanted to fix the light on the ceiling but I asked him to come back when the room was empty. I bet Kate, on the other hand, is having her every whim catered for and is being treated with the utmost politeness and respect, in a room so clean you could eat off the floor.

So again OP - YANBU. And 57K for maternity outfits is an insult to everyone struggling just to get through the month sad.

Fairdene Mon 22-Jul-13 22:12:33

Perfectly reasonable OP. I very much doubt this is a future monarch, given that the old loyal wartime generation are dying out and younger people are far more dubious about the lack of work ethic or mystique demonstrated by the junior royals. The royal line has become incredibly indirect to any big name and that mystique isn't helped by Kate and the Middletons. I doubt the monarchy will survive much beyond the life of the Queen.

Bowlersarm Mon 22-Jul-13 22:09:43



spotscotch Mon 22-Jul-13 22:08:20

Well no, if you want to find negativity in such an event, then of course that is your prerogative. I just prefer to see the happy side of things.

of course I realise that makes me nothing more than yet another naive member of the proles, but hey, at least it gives me something to focus on

Caoilainn Mon 22-Jul-13 22:07:21

YANBU! I usually watch Sky News every morning, enjoy the news, paper review, brush my teeth during the sport.
Today as soon as they had the royal baby stuff, the real news stopped!

I would like a range of information covering the whole world, UK obviously first, but not the rest dominantly the US!

Is nice they are having a baby but seriously let's have some perspective!

Lots of the population have babies, however weight & sex tend to be enough.
Also don't care about the name, I'm sure it's will be nice for the parents whether its Apple or George!

janesaysl Mon 22-Jul-13 22:06:51

YANBU it's ridiculous!

allaflutter Mon 22-Jul-13 22:03:24

OP, I agree, first that it should NOT be the first news on each programme today, especially pre-birth, secondly that in the face of struggling Mums, going on about the baby shower that gave them milllions worth of presents (wtf) is just wrong.

allaflutter Mon 22-Jul-13 21:59:28

he's a future King, but so is Will and Charles - are they particularly special? I think they aer both nice, but nothing beyond that. Lokking to the past, most monarchs in the 20th cen were not anything special, possibly the Queen an exception just by her longevity and all the work she's done. These days, a monarch has to prove themselves to be special/intelligent, otherwise they aer a laighing stock - imagine that Prince Andrew could have been a King [shudders]

WineNot Mon 22-Jul-13 21:55:11



misterioso Mon 22-Jul-13 21:55:01


To some it is good news, because they like to be unrealistically optimistic when there is so much gloom, it gives them focus.
It can get on your nerves though when there is far more important stuff going on.

YABU though if you go on a happy thread and piss on their chips. Not suggesting you have done this and neither did I.
Just try and avoid as best you can

kim147 Mon 22-Jul-13 21:53:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyBryan Mon 22-Jul-13 21:53:47

YANBU to feel that way.

I'm thrilled about it though. I adore history and we're living through it today. Fabulous.

SauvignonBlanche Mon 22-Jul-13 21:52:57

Off with their heads! grin

spotscotch Mon 22-Jul-13 21:52:35

What an odd thing to be negative about sad

kim147 Mon 22-Jul-13 21:50:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

servingwench Mon 22-Jul-13 21:50:02

Yes Tiger 57K and that was about 20 outfits! She's never done a days work...and no I don't count shaking people's hands and waving as work!

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