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To put a cocoa butter topping on a Victoria sponge?

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SenoritaViva Mon 22-Jul-13 21:44:45

Yes, I suspected chocolate was wrongness. Perfectly put!

EhricLovesTeamQhuay Mon 22-Jul-13 21:38:23

Don't put chocolate on a Victoria sponge. Wrongness.

bigkidsdidit Mon 22-Jul-13 21:37:36

Just do icing sugar?

hatgirl Mon 22-Jul-13 21:35:26

or a used ice lolly stick if you are not suave enough to have cocktail sticks handy grin

MrsBertMacklin Mon 22-Jul-13 21:35:24

Make your buttercream and put a teaspoon of raspberry jam in to flavour it at the point you'd normally add the vanilla extract. Add another teaspoon if you want more flavour.

hatgirl Mon 22-Jul-13 21:34:20

step AWAY from tho cocoa powder. In this weather may I suggest a light sprinkling of icing sugar over the top and a fancy flag saying THANKS!!! made from a cocktail stick and some paper sticking out of the top.

SenoritaViva Mon 22-Jul-13 21:31:14

Hooray. I am an anarchist! My night improves.

isitsnowingyet Mon 22-Jul-13 21:30:25

I would opt for plain icing (not choc or cocoa) with raspberry jam filling. A serious matter indeed, cake always is.

SenoritaViva Mon 22-Jul-13 21:30:18

Thanks coola. Wouldn't want to puss off the AIBU folk!

KobayashiMaru Mon 22-Jul-13 21:29:42

of course there is a right and wrong place to post, what do you want, anarchy?

SenoritaViva Mon 22-Jul-13 21:29:22

Mrsbert - how would I make raspberry butter cream? Yum!

CoolaSchmoola Mon 22-Jul-13 21:27:43

Auto correct fail *unreasonable...

CoolaSchmoola Mon 22-Jul-13 21:26:05

You can post anywhere you like, and it is Utterly to suggest that there is a right and wrong place to post.

LoveBeingUpAt4InTheMorning Mon 22-Jul-13 21:24:00

Hmm cake

MrsBertMacklin Mon 22-Jul-13 21:23:01

I wouldn't put chocolate on a Vic sponge, what about making raspberry buttercream instead?

SenoritaViva Mon 22-Jul-13 21:17:37

I love you captain (for your correction). The wine IS helping with that!

CaptainUndercrackers Mon 22-Jul-13 21:15:33

Ergh, on its own, not it's blush

CaptainUndercrackers Mon 22-Jul-13 21:14:07

I'd do plain buttercream (icing sugar & butter) with jam, or chocolate buttercream on it's own. Either would be lovely smile

KobayashiMaru Mon 22-Jul-13 21:13:59

you want Chat then.

I wouldn't use choc buttercream on a vic sponge though.

SenoritaViva Mon 22-Jul-13 21:13:45

Having a glass of wine while baking and posting has made me ridiculous in my cocoa butter suggestion. Oops!

SenoritaViva Mon 22-Jul-13 21:12:08

Of course not. Cocoa butter cream, although that did make me laugh!

I realise there is a baking section but the cake is just coming out of the oven. Firstly better traffic here and secondly I thought that canvassing people's opinions was what I wanted. Nice or grim essentially...

Edendance Mon 22-Jul-13 21:11:41

Just do icing sugar and butter and maybe some colouring? It doesn't need to be flavoured if you don't have any!

ClaraOswald Mon 22-Jul-13 21:10:32

Do you mean a choc buttercream? If so, yes.

Cocoa butter- not on your life!

KobayashiMaru Mon 22-Jul-13 21:08:27

Cocoa butter as in the cream used on your stretchmarks? I wouldn't.

By the way, there is a whole section for recipes, and another just for baking. This isn't an aibu.

SenoritaViva Mon 22-Jul-13 21:03:18

With a raspberry jam filling? I need to ice a message of thanks and have run out of vanilla essence as I was planning to make a vanilla butter cream. Any suggestions welcome.


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