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To have not organised a proper birthday party for DS next weekend?

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thefuturesnotourstosee Sat 20-Jul-13 12:38:22

he will be 1. I've had my mum AND my MIL phoning up this morning wanting to know when and where his party is, why they haven't had an invitation yet and what they should bring.

He will be ONE. I've asked 2 friends with similar aged babies over. They can play with some balloons, make a huge mess with a bit of cake and jelly and go home again.

My MUm: Well wouldn't it be nice to go to a soft play area you could invite lots of children from the play group

My MIL - why not have a big picnic in the park they could have little boxes of their own and you could put a big paddling pool up for them all.

HE WILL BE ONE. HE WON'T CARE. aibu? Should I spring into action and sort something out? (and no hes not the first grandchild. MIL has 7 and my mum has 4 )

Rootatoot Mon 22-Jul-13 10:37:20

I think if you live near family it's a diff kettle if fish. Nice doing laid back family tea. But I'm in same boat as op. Gps coming means house guests. As a kid, we had birthday tea with couple of friends but seems my attempt to do same wasn't poss cos our parents demand to be there on the day, unlike theirs.

wendycraigsmini Mon 22-Jul-13 19:39:29

They're being daft. I'd advise to do as little as possible and save yourself up for when he's of an age to notice.

Dunham Mon 22-Jul-13 20:01:47

YANBU. Do what you want to do. At one they get knackered with lots of people and parties.
Can you invite MIL and DM round to yours with a bit of cake ? that way they get to celebrate with him.
All we did is invite NCT friends and babies round for cuppa and cake few days before. And then FIL and DM on the day. We had sandwiches and watched DD/DS open presees.
My Mum invited loads of family over on my 1st bday. I cried for the whole time as I was tired with all the attention. If you want low key, go for it.

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