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to wish that parents would send their children with water bottles etc

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katydid02 Thu 18-Jul-13 17:23:14

Children are hot and thirsty with this lovely weather and yet parents are sending them to school with no water bottles, no sun hats and without suncream. 2/30 had a sunhat today and only about 10 had water bottles.

HeySoulSister Thu 18-Jul-13 17:24:21

my ds is 15 and not allowed a hat in what can I do??

HeySoulSister Thu 18-Jul-13 17:24:59

and how do you know they don't have cream on already?? confused

YouTheCat Thu 18-Jul-13 17:25:27

It pisses me off too. 50p for 2 bottles of water in Wilkinsons so there is no excuse for that.

TheProsAndConsOfHitchhiking Thu 18-Jul-13 17:26:19

How do you know they didnt have cream on before school?
Have you ever tried getting a child to wear a hat that doesnt want to?

phantomnamechanger Thu 18-Jul-13 17:26:37

bloody hell that's bad OP, this is primary age is it?
Our school INSIST on water and strongly advise hats (early years are outside a lot and have spare hats, they have been out less in this heat and staying in the shade, reminding parents about sun protection and good hydration etc.)

Sparklysilversequins Thu 18-Jul-13 17:27:53

Dd has factor 30 on before she goes and a hat. There are water fountains available to all in the playground. Does your place not have water fountains?

TheProsAndConsOfHitchhiking Thu 18-Jul-13 17:29:46

I must admit my ds (7) will NOT take a water bottle to school since he had a leakage in his book bag. He does use the water fountains though.

phantomnamechanger Thu 18-Jul-13 17:32:01

HSS - not allowed a hat in school is nonsense especially if fair skinned/prone to burn etc
If they are making the DC go outside during the day then I would be insisting mine was allowed a hat.
For DD (13) sports day they were given a kit list that included 2 bottles of water, hat, cream etc (all day event at sports arena). They have been allowed to take their water bottle out during PE/games too.

bluebell8782 Thu 18-Jul-13 17:33:03

I went to school in South Africa. We put sun cream on in the mornings sometimes but never took hats and water bottles to school except if we went on trips out.

I don't think it's a problem or bad parenting.

morethanpotatoprints Thu 18-Jul-13 17:33:30

Its up to the parents to educate their children about why they need a sun hat. Not for the dc to rule the nest and say they don't want to grin

I agree OP its absolutely disgusting and neglectful tbh.
Sun cream from poundshop lasts for ages. Water bottles can be bought cheap there's no excuse.
Just saw a news headline about the HUNDREDS dead in this heat.

phantomnamechanger Thu 18-Jul-13 17:33:44

SSS - re: water fountains - in a 15 minute playtime there is not time for all 100 children in our infants (for example) to have a substantial drink each from our 3 water fountains.

WipsGlitter Thu 18-Jul-13 17:35:56

It's not the Serengeti. People here are obsessed with dehydration. It's a marketing ploy to get you to buy water!!

redrubyshoes Thu 18-Jul-13 17:36:42

My DD's school has water fountains and the teachers have a supply of empty bottles if the child forgets theirs.

We notice a HUGE increase in parents phoning in on a Monday after a hot weekend with dc's suffering from heatstroke though.

3birthdaybunnies Thu 18-Jul-13 17:38:19

I wish the teachers would let my dc drink from their water bottles!

noisytoys Thu 18-Jul-13 17:38:35

DDs school don't like us to send them in with hats, they hand out baseball caps with a flappy fabric bit at the neck at the start of playtime and take them in after, they provide water (water we provide is part of packed lunch and only drunk at lunchtime) and we put sun cream on first thing in the morning. We would look neglectful but we're not.

HeySoulSister Thu 18-Jul-13 17:38:44

phantom its not nonsense! its an upper school,caps are banned....

whois Thu 18-Jul-13 17:40:28

It's not the Serengeti. People here are obsessed with dehydration. It's a marketing ploy to get you to buy water!!

Yes yes yes yes!

Human beings are not balanced on a knife edge between hydration and dehydration. Child can last several hours without a drink you know!

YouTheCat Thu 18-Jul-13 17:40:40

I buy 2 bottles and then refill. One in fridge and one being drunk.

The point is, no it's not the Serengeti. Us poor British people are not used to this amount of heat in one go.

phantomnamechanger Thu 18-Jul-13 17:40:47

yes, 100s dead because of current heatwave and dozens of babies/kids being admitted to A&E because their idiot parents have not realised they need to seriously up their fluid intake in a long hot spell like this. They need to be drinking throughout the day not relying on a quick gulp from a fountain at playtime. Also a problem with young adults and too much alcohol - thinking they are drinking lots of long cold drinks when in fact alcohol adds to dehydration.

My kids have all worn hats from tiny and still do (13/11/8) - just like they all know why they must wear seat belts, have appropriate car seat, and wear sun cream. Or bike helmets. They are not allowed to kick up a stink and refuse. No hat - we don't go out. No helmet, no bike ride.

I don't get parents who just shrug and say "mine won't do as they are told"
From age 2 most children are old enough to understand rules and consequences for non compliance.

livinginwonderland Thu 18-Jul-13 17:40:56

phantom most middle and high schools ban any kind of head gear, including sun hats.

HeySoulSister Thu 18-Jul-13 17:41:06

wips I have to agree with you there.....mumsnet is full of 'oh this heat' and 'extreme weather'

its just summer.....a hot one granted,but not that unusual!

JemimaMuddledUp Thu 18-Jul-13 17:41:21

YANBU. I work in a nursery class and have the same problem. We are having to keep children inside as they have no hats or suncream despite what feels like hundreds of letters sent home asking for them.

WipsGlitter Thu 18-Jul-13 17:46:03

100s dead? Where did you get that fact??

phantomnamechanger Thu 18-Jul-13 17:47:03

HSS, sorry not have made myself clear - I was on your side saying the SCHOOL RULE was nonsense, not implying you were talking rubbish! The school are being ridiculous IMO, as hats are top of the list in guidelines and they OUGHT to be allowed them.

and as for the people saying "it's all a ploy, dehydration is not a major concern" - you are wrong! you are ignoring health advice. I only hope you are not also endangering your children.

I never took water to school in my whole primary school life - I also suffered from terrible constipation - times have moved on we know so much more about the effect of dehydration on digestion, the brain and learning

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