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year 6 leavers do/Prom

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bigteach Thu 18-Jul-13 08:51:51

Last night I was horrified and pleasantly surprised all at the same time.....depositing my daughter at her year 6 leavers disco, me, looking moderately flustered and slightly shabby from work. my little girl, scrubbed clean and a pretty, long summer dress, favourite shoes and hair usual bunch, with added bow, when looking at the girls crowded round Mr P their fab teacher... Several girls you could tell....had spent hours....having hair done, nails, accessories etc.. but good god.....what were they wearing?...expensive, silk/satin strapless(what have they got to actually hold it up?)AND extremely short ball gowns with 3inch...strappy heels???!! It was something like sex in the City gone Bugsy...WRONG....sooo WRONG!!!
needless to say I stared round to see how many of these unfortunate 'children' there actually were...and breathed a huge sigh of relief....3mmmm possibly 4 the rest of the girls looked pretty much the same as mine....happy excited 11yr olds going to a party, so therefore happy to reflect...the west country has not become so horrifically Americanised yet, though there is a party (privately organised) tomorrow that apparently is going to involve....stretched Limos etc...oh and parents are to attend with their little ones, whether they want to or not......I conveniently lost this invite!

FauxFox Thu 18-Jul-13 18:55:56

thyme I would think that black thigh high boots and hot pants is not a good look at any age and i'd be surprised to see an 11 yo at a prom or anywhere else wearing that - have you seen this irl? If so i'd imagine that falls very much outside the 'normal range' of anyone's experience.

Thymeout Thu 18-Jul-13 19:06:12

Yes - tho it was at a disco - like the OP's daughter's leavers' do.

Perhaps calling it a prom might even raise the tone. smile

Maybe it's regional. London.

FauxFox Thu 18-Jul-13 19:07:42

Really? Did you mean knee boots or actual Pretty Woman thigh boots?

Thymeout Thu 18-Jul-13 19:13:43

Can't remember how high the PW boots were. She was a tall girl and they were definitely over the knee. Sort of stretchy.

i feel a bit mean because perhaps she WAS wearing her sister's clothes.

Thymeout Thu 18-Jul-13 19:16:04

And it was an extreme example, I agree. It's just that it's not so long ago that high heels and fake nails would have been thought of as extreme.

Rufus43 Thu 18-Jul-13 20:45:11

My DD has her prom/disco/dance/whatever else you want to call it as its pretty much the same thing! in the next few days. It is in the hall, will involve snacks and party games, kids stuff

Although its themed she will be in a very pretty dress, she may or may not wear heels and glitter makeup. She will also have her hair "done", I "do" my hair every morning by the way

I don't know of any local "prom" that has limos, fake tans and false nails. There will always be a small minority of girls and boys who do them selves up to the nines, they want to be like pop stars and red carpet actors not hookers.

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