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I'm not "allowed" to go to bed early - but he can >:-(

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ChoccySocks Wed 17-Jul-13 23:57:07

I have to get up for work at 5.30am and then work a 13 hour shift. DP hates the suggestion of me going to bed early in order to cope with this and by "early" I mean anything before 11.30pm.

So I was due to work Tuesday - Monday night it gets to 11pm and I say "I'm off to bed as I'm up early for work" - he whinges and says "oh don't go yet! it's so early! at least let's watch the end of this with me " so we end up going to bed at midnight. Knackered in the morning. Same thing Tuesday night - whinged about me going to bed and I ended up staying up until gone midnight.

Tonight was the first night this week that I can stay up late and not have to get up so early in morning. So I'm all set for a late night - but HE suddenly decides he's going to bed at 11.15pm.

I feel like he's doing it on purpose/out of spite like some fucked up control game!!!

Whothefuckfarted Thu 18-Jul-13 10:12:36

Going with the RED FLAG here.

Control freak.

Ragwort Thu 18-Jul-13 10:13:20

Can't think of anything original to say after everyone else's comments, do men like this really exist? There must be some back history to this, what else does he try and control in your life?

CalamityJones Thu 18-Jul-13 10:14:10

Why on earth are you letting someone tell you what time to go to bed? Just go to fucking bed whenever you want. It's that simple. He's being controlling but you're being a complete pushover.

This does sound like a red flag to me.

What would happen if you just went to bed?

(I went to bed before my 9 YO DS the other night and nobody complained)

InTheRedCorner Thu 18-Jul-13 10:17:59

Don't let him tell you when you are ready for bed! You are an adult, he sounds very controlling. Does he do this in other areas of your life?

OnIlkelyMoorBahtat Thu 18-Jul-13 10:18:27

Go to bed! I get up at 5.30 for work as well, as I have a ridiculously long commute, and I would be on my knees if I was kept awake until 11.30 every night. You must be exhausted sad

flippinada Thu 18-Jul-13 10:18:34

When you say he won't let you go to bed early, what do you mean? Is it that he physically stops you going, or is it more subtle, like sulking, creating a scene, being foul the day after?

Like others, I've been in a relationship where this signifies a control issue. It may not be, of course but it does ring alarm bells.

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