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To think shops are not helping themselves?

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Changebagsandgladrags Wed 17-Jul-13 18:27:58

Went shopping today for holiday clothes for me. These were bin high street shops and department stores.

Spotted some nice shorts, longish rather than bum cheek skimming. Four racks of size 6 and one size 8. Although bum cheek ones available up to size 20.

Then spotted a nice dress, there were six of themin size 20 and 22.

Would it not be sensible to stock a range of sizes? So now my money will go to Asos or similar online 'shop'.

GobHoblin Thu 18-Jul-13 23:07:15

I work in a shop that sells among other things, parasols, gazebo's, paddling pools & fans. I'm sick of people being so rude as all are sold out. It is not my fault there is a heatwave, it really is not my fault! We normally have loads of stock left over at the end of the season because of crap summers. Please bear in mind, this 'summer' stock came in from china in feb/march & that is it for the season. I understand the frustration, i really do. I just don't deserve to be spoken to in the way i have been for the past week because britain is experiencing a heatwave for once!
I can feedback til the cows come home, but considering they are probably already planning 2015 stock, it won't be listened to!

Lj8893 Thu 18-Jul-13 23:25:32

Yep gobhoblin i know what you mean.

Nobody could have prepared for this heatwave, clothes that we usually have tons of left over at the end of the summer are literally flying out the doors right now.

A woman shouted at me earlier as all our unlined linen dresses that were in the sale have all sold out, and she didn't want to pay full price for one as she's always managed to come in every summer and get one at sale price. Well yes, but its not always this hot every summer!!

We don't normally sell shorts as in the past they have never sold well at all, but this year we did have a small range of shorts come in, which because of the heat have sold very quickly! Another lady was moaning at me because we didn't have her size left, the thing if we always had scorching hot summers then yes the company would order more shorts etc in but how can they predict the weather forecast!

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