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to be sick of kids coming in and out of my bloody house

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usuallyright Wed 17-Jul-13 17:55:55

the weather is hot, so my patience is probably a bit stretched. I'm sick of it.
Dd2 is 10 and can't just 'play out' (there's a perfectly nice, safe park near our house, literally a stones throw), she has to trail in and out of the house with a friend or two, never stays in one room, makes drinks, goes out, back in again with them. Surprisingly (or not) the mum of these girls doesn't want kids in her house. Lol!
If much rather they played out out, at the park, on their bikes, in our cul de sac, or arranged proper 'play dates' rather than bringing kids in daily. I don't want a succession of kids trailing in and out of my house.
I'm being a miserable cow, arn't I?

TantrumsAndBalloons Wed 17-Jul-13 19:12:56

Well, no my ds2 isn't in anyone's house thinking they are mugs confused
He is outside on his bike with his friends, out playing football, going to the park.
I wouldn't assume my 10 year old was welcome at anyone's house every day.
If he does go to someone's house it's pre arranged. If children come and play at our house, it's pre arranged.

The teenagers are slightly different, dd goes to her friends, they come here, but they are upstairs and I am not expected to provide anything.
And ds1 and his friends go to the park or the gym or the astro pitch or anywhere that isn't someone's house.

teenagetantrums Wed 17-Jul-13 19:03:15

mine are teenagers now but my rule was always unless you ask first no friends in the house, if they are hungry/thirsty let them go home i cant afford to feed everyone, my children were allowed to come in for a drink or toilet but i don't want everyone else in my house. now they are teenagers im still a miserable mum they can have a sleep over twice a week and that's it, otherwise i end up with 6 teenagers here every night..

LoverOfTheLight Wed 17-Jul-13 18:33:38

Week 3 here too WimpyMum. Nearly half way there, we can do this!

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Wed 17-Jul-13 18:29:43

week 3

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Wed 17-Jul-13 18:29:15

Just re-read the thread, yeah I am a mug!!

I would send them elsewhere if they were bothering me that much tbh, poor dc are bored, week of school holidays here

WorraLiberty Wed 17-Jul-13 18:28:08

I don't know why the mums think it is fine for them all to be here every bloomin day!

Perhaps they assume that you allow it because you're ok with it?

It's quite an alien concept to some parents to think there are other parents, allowing things to go on in their homes that they aren't happy about.

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Wed 17-Jul-13 18:27:54

I have the same problem, except my dc are on holiday I still have random children wandering around though (friends of dc and neighbours) I realise IABU I blame the weather

WorraLiberty Wed 17-Jul-13 18:26:03

My kids play in the street, on the green and in the park.

Or if they've made prior arrangements, they play at my house.

Why would you assume they played at the houses of mugs like you and the OP? confused

And why do you allow people to make mugs of you?

knackeredmother Wed 17-Jul-13 18:23:39

All those on here who are saying they don't allow it, where do your kids all play then?
At the house of mugs like me and the op?!

knackeredmother Wed 17-Jul-13 18:22:25

My house is just like this. Full of kids who say their mums say they can't play there. I don't know why the mums think it is fine for them all to be here every bloomin day!
I do kick them all out but then my dd is sad because her friends are gone.
I'm not sure what the answer is op.

WorraLiberty Wed 17-Jul-13 18:20:27

And come to think of it you said..."Surprisingly (or not) the mum of these girls doesn't want kids in her house."

So does that not prove to you that it's normal to not allow this sort of thing?

I've got 3 DC and honestly there is no way I could have been that lax, or we would have gone insane.

livinginwonderland Wed 17-Jul-13 18:19:36

Would you trust her with a key?

LoverOfTheLight Wed 17-Jul-13 18:17:48

If YABU then so am I. My youngest was playing in the garden with half the neighbourhood yesterday, traipsing in and out, asking for drinks/crisps/biscuits/the shirt off my back. After about an hour I told them to go out the front and play. I don't mind it generally but every single day is too much, and don't get me started on the ones ringing the doorbell at 8.30am. I'm on holiday too ffs!

<end rant>

Mutt Wed 17-Jul-13 18:10:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aldiwhore Wed 17-Jul-13 18:08:11

You're not mean in the slightest. You'd be mean if you locked her in her room and didn't allow her any friends.


You're being FAIR. To her, and your sanity.

WorraLiberty Wed 17-Jul-13 18:06:21

It's not a popularity competition though

There's nothing mean about not allowing your DD to treat your home that way.

usuallyright Wed 17-Jul-13 18:06:02

I said no tonight. They were playing in and it was dinner time. Dd2 said she'd eat it later. I said no. Told her friends to leave. Yes, I am mean!

usuallyright Wed 17-Jul-13 18:04:18

I allow them in because I feel like a mean old cow if I say no. But I really really really can't stand the doorbell going constantly and kids trailing in and out. Drives me bonkers.

YourHandInMyHand Wed 17-Jul-13 18:04:13

Just tell your child. Leave juice outside in garden and tell her if she comes in then she's in until tomorrow.

WorraLiberty Wed 17-Jul-13 18:02:27

It's entirely your own fault

Just tell your DD that no-one's allowed in without prior permission

I can't think why anyone would allow this if they weren't happy with it.

Whothefuckfarted Wed 17-Jul-13 18:02:15

aldiwhore Love the NN grin

aldiwhore Wed 17-Jul-13 18:01:04

As far as the drinks are concerned, put a big jug of juice/water/whatever they're drinking on the doorstep with some cups.

SantanaLopez Wed 17-Jul-13 18:00:31


aldiwhore Wed 17-Jul-13 18:00:11

So tell her to play out and if she comes in, she's in for the evening!

She soon get the idea if you stick to your guns.

NewAtThisMalarky Wed 17-Jul-13 17:59:52

Its hot. They need to drink. YABU. But I think you know that ;)

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