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to be sick of kids coming in and out of my bloody house

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usuallyright Wed 17-Jul-13 17:55:55

the weather is hot, so my patience is probably a bit stretched. I'm sick of it.
Dd2 is 10 and can't just 'play out' (there's a perfectly nice, safe park near our house, literally a stones throw), she has to trail in and out of the house with a friend or two, never stays in one room, makes drinks, goes out, back in again with them. Surprisingly (or not) the mum of these girls doesn't want kids in her house. Lol!
If much rather they played out out, at the park, on their bikes, in our cul de sac, or arranged proper 'play dates' rather than bringing kids in daily. I don't want a succession of kids trailing in and out of my house.
I'm being a miserable cow, arn't I?

teenagetantrums Wed 17-Jul-13 19:03:15

mine are teenagers now but my rule was always unless you ask first no friends in the house, if they are hungry/thirsty let them go home i cant afford to feed everyone, my children were allowed to come in for a drink or toilet but i don't want everyone else in my house. now they are teenagers im still a miserable mum they can have a sleep over twice a week and that's it, otherwise i end up with 6 teenagers here every night..

TantrumsAndBalloons Wed 17-Jul-13 19:12:56

Well, no my ds2 isn't in anyone's house thinking they are mugs confused
He is outside on his bike with his friends, out playing football, going to the park.
I wouldn't assume my 10 year old was welcome at anyone's house every day.
If he does go to someone's house it's pre arranged. If children come and play at our house, it's pre arranged.

The teenagers are slightly different, dd goes to her friends, they come here, but they are upstairs and I am not expected to provide anything.
And ds1 and his friends go to the park or the gym or the astro pitch or anywhere that isn't someone's house.

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