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To think BFing in this heat is horrendous?!

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Pontouf Tue 16-Jul-13 03:12:31

I am sitting in bed, BFing my 3mo DD with sweat dripping down my face. Our window is wide open and I am wearing nothing but she is like a wriggly hot water bottle tonight and is unsettled in this heat/humidity. I just need some breeze! DH is snoring away next to me bastard and I've just realised that the fan I was searching high and low for this evening is up in our (barely accessible) attic. Anyone else hating this as much as me right now?

Lj8893 Tue 16-Jul-13 03:18:29

I'm not bfing, but am 25 weeks pregnant. Went to bed at 11, then woke up about an hour ago because I am soooooo hot! Now I can't get back to sleep. So I feel your pain.

DorothyMantooth Tue 16-Jul-13 03:19:52

Same here! I can't stand being hot at the best of times, but this is something else. Not a breath of a breeze to be had and just touching DD is making me break out in a sweat. I have her lying on my lap while I wait for her go fully back to sleep and I swear my skin is melting off. Torture!

DorothyMantooth Tue 16-Jul-13 03:21:38

And I had to close the bloody window because a moth the size of a pigeon flew in earlier. FFS!

Pontouf Tue 16-Jul-13 03:38:13

Oh LJ, I feel for you, can't think of anything worse than being pregnant in this weather.
Dorothy, hope she goes off soon. DD has finally settled so I'm going to try to get some sleep......
<lies in top of sheets in nothing but nursing bra quietly dissolving into a puddle>

GeordieCherry Tue 16-Jul-13 03:41:25

Could you sit with a cold flannel on the back of your neck?

JeffActually Tue 16-Jul-13 03:48:36

I am bfing 19 day old DS with two fans directed at us. He has been grazing since 2.20am and just spectacularly vomited pretty much all every drop of the last hours feed over in my hair and down my cleavage. This is the first night without DH as I'm at my mums while DH works for a few days. Marvelous!

JeffActually Tue 16-Jul-13 03:50:15

Sorry about random words...typing one handed and one brain celled

Monty27 Tue 16-Jul-13 03:52:03

Everybody's overheating, make sure the baby doesn't, cool showers and lots of water (for you I mean). I feel for you. Get to the coolest part of your house too.

Burmobasher Tue 16-Jul-13 03:57:45

I concur. An feeding an extra (heat induced) thirsty 4 month old in a room hotter than hades. These pesky hormones mean I am permanently red hot even on a cool day and I am constantly pouring with sweat.
Oh the glamour!

PlateSpinningAtAllTimes Tue 16-Jul-13 04:12:15

YANBU. DD keeps waking for a feed because she's (presumably) thirsty, then coming off and crying because she's (presumably) got too hot next to me hmm

MigGril Tue 16-Jul-13 06:35:06

One tip to help baby skin to skin, lie them necked on your chest. Your body will help cool them down as small babies are poor at regulating their own body temp. You skin temp actually gets cooler if they are hot. No guarantee it'll help you though.. And they well want to feed more in this heat to get more fluids so don't forget to drink plenty of water.

HairyGrotter Tue 16-Jul-13 06:44:00

Oh I feel for you! DD is 5 now, but she was EBF and was born in July, the August was hot as hell and I remember only too well how horrendous it was! As a previous poster said, lie down, pop baby on your chest nekkid and let your body do the rest.

I'm neither with child or BFing but can barely tolerate the heat!

babybythesea Tue 16-Jul-13 09:32:28

I stared at Migril's post wondering for a few minutes wondering what sort of hold 'necked' was. I thought 'I know of the rugby ball hold, and cradling, and lying down with them but what's necked?' Then the penny dropped. Heat addled baby brain is not a good combination when trying to decode someone else's autocorrect!

My issue currently is that DM keeps suggesting I give DD2 (3 months) cooled boiled water in a bottle because otherwise she might get dehydrated. Except that she's ebf and I think it's fine to just feed her whenever she needs it. Smile, nod, ignore....

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