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To take my dog toileting in the park while 2yo DS is in bed?

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MeerkatMerkin Mon 15-Jul-13 20:41:55

My neighbour just suggested I do and she'd keep an ear/eye out for him (she has my mobile number). His room is on the back and she is always in her garden so would hear him if he cried. The park is a 10 second walk from my house - I can see my house from the park (it's across a road at the end of my road iykwim, my house is towards the end of my road). It's a small city park with a playground and highly populated with summer revellers at this time of year. The dog won't toilet in the garden, normally DH takes her out but he's away with work and will be all next month.

Obviously I pick up after the dog and as soon as the dog has been I'd be straight back. Thoughts?

LadyBeagleEyes Mon 15-Jul-13 20:43:16

Of course.
I'ts absolutely fine.

D0oinMeCleanin Mon 15-Jul-13 20:43:42

I don't see why not, but you do realise half a million posters are now going to come and tell you that your washer will explode the second you shut the door behind you, don't you?

lurcherlover Mon 15-Jul-13 20:44:43

I wouldn't. Can see why it's tempting, but what if (unlikely I know) a speeding driver knocked you over? Or (more likely) he woke up and didn't cry, just got out of bed and came looking for you?

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 15-Jul-13 20:45:39

I'm sure it would be fine. But in these situations I tend to apply the 'how would this read in the DM/on mn if something did happen' wink

As its still light, is it possible to take DS with you and put him to bed a bit later?

happyyonisleepyyoni Mon 15-Jul-13 20:46:09

Could your neighbour come and babysit while you are out instead

lurcherlover Mon 15-Jul-13 20:46:32

I wouldn't. Can see why it's tempting, but what if (unlikely I know) a speeding driver knocked you over? Or (more likely) he woke up and didn't cry, just got out of bed and came looking for you?

Can't the neighbour pop inside the house and babysit for a minute instead of listening from the garden?

MalcolmTuckersMum Mon 15-Jul-13 20:46:57

I've got my bingo card ready for the doomsday scenarios about to be played out - and wow! I've got one already! A speeding driver wiping you out and the toddler coming to find you!

Of course it's fine......but anyone else for bingo?

QOD Mon 15-Jul-13 20:47:44

I wouldn't unless the neighbour was told each time and by your back door. Child could wander, if something happened, sod what what Jesus do, what would social services do?

LadyBeagleEyes Mon 15-Jul-13 20:47:45

If you thought that way all the time Lurcher, you'd never leave the house.
The neighbour is listening out for him.
But Spot on DOoin grin

mynameisslimshady Mon 15-Jul-13 20:47:47

Just ask the neighbour to sit in your house for 5 minutes. Problem solved.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 15-Jul-13 20:48:23

And lets not forget that actually if speeding driver took out mum, well then good job, baby son wasn't with her.

attheendoftheday Mon 15-Jul-13 20:49:19

Personally I wouldn't do it. Take the dog before you put your dc to bed.

curlew Mon 15-Jul-13 20:50:24

You are completely unreasonable for using he word toiletting and toilet in this context.

But you are not unreasonable at all to take your dog to the park in these circumstances.

MeerkatMerkin Mon 15-Jul-13 20:50:49

I'm actually paranoid about the washer exploding and even turn it off if I'm popping down to the shop to get some milk. blush

I can see the point about the road but it is not a busy road and traffic is clear from either side. I'm particularly paranoid about this to be honest as my young cousin was killed by being knocked down by a car a couple of months ago. sad He was drunk, though (not saying it was all his fault), and I wouldn't do it drunk.

He couldn't get out of his room as he has a baby gate he is unable to open and it is all child-proof in there.

I'm thinking I'll just keep taking him. Or even hire a dog walker for an hour a day, as he's at a pretty intense age (2 and a half) and doesn't sleep easily especially in this heat. When he was tiny and DH used to travel for work I'd just chuck him in the sling but it's not so easy now.

PlainOldVanilla Mon 15-Jul-13 20:51:26

I wouldn't, if something did happen he is home alone.

Ham69 Mon 15-Jul-13 20:51:44

Err, no, not worth it. He's 2. Can't the neighbour babysit/ go to the park with the dog? Can you go with your child slightly earlier tomorrow?

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Mon 15-Jul-13 20:51:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

phantomnamechanger Mon 15-Jul-13 20:52:01

actually I agree that it is far more likely that something happen to the OP, than to her child.

KittensoftPuppydog Mon 15-Jul-13 20:52:03

My neighbour's baby alarm used to to work from my house.
Just an idea.

MeerkatMerkin Mon 15-Jul-13 20:53:04

Sorry about my use of 'toilet/ing' grin With DH away I have less opportunity for adult conversation and to say PISS AND SHIT, I'm censored for the sake of DS, at least it's filtering through to my MN posts! grin

MeerkatMerkin Mon 15-Jul-13 20:55:15

Ok I'm going to get the pushchair from the car and take him. I still have a PND hangover (still! sad) so I'm massively protective over him. I trust neighbour but maybe not while he's so small.

DespicableYou Mon 15-Jul-13 20:55:42

Never mind doomsday bingo, these threads always bring out the smuggy, boasty, attempting-to-be-too-cool-for-school posters who look down their noses at people who are more cautious in their parenting approach than they are.

Nagoo Mon 15-Jul-13 20:58:33

If you told the neighbour you were going and maybe give her the monitor, then yes I'd do it.

It doesn't matter (?!??!) If you get squashed by a car if she knows she's responsible for him.

fluffyraggies Mon 15-Jul-13 21:00:51

Well i'm another doomsday'er. Not that i have any particular doom in mind. I just hate the idea of charging round the park with the dog every night while worrying about my 2 year old.

Not worth it. I find sod's law follows me everywhere.

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