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To give up on this date

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watchforthesnail Sun 14-Jul-13 17:01:09

Had a great first date last monday, so great the second date was planned the same day, for tomorrow night.

since then hes kind of dropped off the face of the earth, what was daily contact, lots of texts and things throughout the day has dropped to something like 10 messages over 6 days. Knowing he was busy this weekend i messaged to say have a nice weekend, which he recieved but didnt reply to.

Not being one to be passive about these things i sent him a message saying i wasnt sure what was up, but that if he had changed his mind that was fine and to just let me know as i didnt want to message someone when it wasnt wanted.

He immediatley replied and told me he had been crazy busy and we would chat soon. That was 48 hours ago. Nothing since. He is away this weekend with friends but has been using his phone/internet as i can see hes updated various things.....

Second date is meant to be tomorrow. Just how long am i meant to keep hanging on waiting to hear? Some friends have said i should just wait and give him a chance, others have said to send something cancelling it.

Im in two minds what to do. Give up?!!

elastamum Mon 15-Jul-13 17:43:55

Its not you its def them! (he sounds a bit of a prat TBH)

I think the people on here throwing such casual critisism have probably never tried internet dating. It is a minefield (I met my DP through the internet).

The ONLY point I do agree with, is that if you happen to meet the right person - a long shot I know - then it is easy. And if they mess you around at the start, walk away fast as it never gets any better smile

KateMiddletonsMum Mon 15-Jul-13 21:06:39

I'm sorry he turned out to be a twunt. You sound like a cool chick, they are missing out, all those single men. It'll happen for you, when you least expect it!
What about eharmony, they seem to be more grown up?(disclaimer : I met a weirdo on there as well as match!!)

allaflutter Tue 16-Jul-13 22:16:48

OP, have you met anyone who's not weird or a twat online? If not, maybe you need to learn to recognise these timewasters from their profiles. I mean, this one was already obviously odd and had issues with confidence and with knowing what he wants - by saying that he would never initiate contact with a woman. don't ignore these things next time!

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